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Should I NOINDEX My Tag Archives?

POSTED BY   /  8 August, 2012  

NOINDEX Meta Tag image The question of using the NOINDEX meta tag for tags and tag archives has long been a debatable question. Remember, tags create a duplicate content issue, and unless your blog falls into a small minority of sites, using the NOINDEX tag is always a good idea. We provide our thoughts and reasons why!..
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Does the Economy Affect a Blogger’s Income?

POSTED BY   /  7 August, 2012  

Economy & Blogging image We are trying to determine if there is a reciprocal relationship between the economy and the blogging industry. Does a suffering economy increase a blog's traffic and potential for earnings? On the flipside, does a good economy decrease traffic and a blogger's potential for income? You tell us!..
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The Percentage of Businesses Using Twitter

POSTED BY   /  6 August, 2012  

Businesses Using Twitter image Recently, I was curious to find out what percentage of Twitter usage is by businesses and business related professionals to achieve a business goal versus the number of Twitter users and tweets that are personal in nature and intended for socializing among friends and acquaintances. I did some research on my own Twitter accounts to measure the number of business related tweets versus personal tweets. Check out what I found!..
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The History of Tags on Websites and Their Future

POSTED BY   /  3 August, 2012  

History of Tags image Have you every wandered about the history of tags? Why did tags emerge on the Internet? When did tags become popular? Do you think that tags will continue to be used in the years to come for website navigation? We provide some history of tags and our thoughts about their place in the future...
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Why We Don’t Use Tags in our Blog Posts

POSTED BY   /  2 August, 2012  

Why We Don't Use Tags image We are constantly asked why we do not use tags when publishing a blog post. The simple answer is; tags do nothing for us! Why take the time and effort to tag a post if there is no longer a benefit in doing so? Tags used to be beneficial for user navigation and SEO, but not anymore. So we dumped them all!..
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How Many Categories Should I Use on my Blog?

POSTED BY   /  1 August, 2012  

How Many Categories Is Too Many image Determining how many categories you should use on your blog will be based upon whether your blog falls into one of two groups. Determining whether or not you will have a sustainable category will be based upon how many individual blog posts you can confidently write to fill that category. Here are our thoughts!..
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