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3 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  30 April, 2013  

Keeping up with a website can be hard work. While the internet is a perfect outlet for creativity and source of inspiration and advice, producing content for the web is often harder than people realize. Having a website requires time and patience. It’s more than writing articles and posting pictures, building a website involves designing […]..
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5 Tips for Using WordPress to Build Your Social Media

POSTED BY   /  24 April, 2013  

Everyone is concerned with how many Twitter followers they have and how many people have liked their fanpage on Facebook. While having a strong presence on social media sites is important and can create many opportunities for someone, it’s just as important for them to create content that’s worth reading and sharing. Having a well […]..
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5 WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  11 April, 2013  

A while ago, the idea of blogging was revolutionary. Giving everyone on the Internet their own, unique platform to broadcast their thoughts and opinions to the entire world? Crazy. However, with over a billion blogs estimated to be in existence today, getting your message out is not even remotely outside the realm of possibilities for […]..
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