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Tips for Effective Blogging

POSTED BY   /  24 June, 2014  

Blogging originated in the 1990s and served as a means for college students and journalists to share personal diaries and daily happenings with others on the Internet. The practice has since evolved into personalized websites that feature just about any topic imaginable. Individuals might create a site that offers tips, instruction or welcomes public interaction […]..
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Must Have Mobile Apps for Bloggers on the Go

POSTED BY   /  20 June, 2014  

Blogging is a hobby taken on by many, but if you are serious about your blog, you probably blog on the go. Traveling and blogging often go hand in hand. In fact, blogging is a great platform for those who travel since they usually wish to share their experiences rather quickly. In order to make […]..
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Blogging for Health Care Professionals: Four Top Ideas

POSTED BY   /  19 June, 2014  

Those working in the health-care industry are always looking to learn more. They work to increase their knowledge base so that they can get better at what they do. After all, this industry is like no other because there is an incredible human element. The level of care that a person can provide makes an […]..
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4 Ways to Get Away from Your Keyboard and Promote Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  8 June, 2014  

The typical bloggers can be constantly connected to a smartphone, tablet, and computer, in the search for article angles and leads. When it comes to promoting our blogs, we often rely on link exposure, getting our blog mentioned in bylines, social media posts, and guest articles. However, there are other ways to get the word […]..
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4 Ways to Revamp Your Home Office Space

POSTED BY   /  6 June, 2014  

Most bloggers work from home, which can be a blessing and a curse. While many people who don’t blog might regard being able to work from a home office as a dream, it can quickly become a burden due to distractions, clutter, and uncomfortable furnishings. If you sense that your home environment doesn’t provide the […]..
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How Bloggers Can Protect Themselves from Litigation

POSTED BY   /  5 June, 2014  

While blogging might seem like a carefree pastime, it’s actually riddled with potential legal pitfalls. People who write blogs face issues similar to the ones that face traditional print and broadcast journalists. The difference is that most bloggers don’t have a team of editors and a publication to back them up. That’s why it’s extremely […]..
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How to Sustain Your Blogging Career with Passive Income Streams

POSTED BY   /  4 June, 2014  

Maintaining a blog can often be grueling work. You’re in charge of content schedules and keyword strategies, as well as actually writing the blog articles. In other words, you’re probably juggling multiple responsibilities at once, perhaps even including a day job and family duties. A passive income stream can help free up your time for […]..
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Passion + Blogging Equals a Following

POSTED BY   /  3 June, 2014  

There are three types of bloggers: Those who do it for the money, those who do it for the passion, and those who enjoy both aspects. Following your passion when it comes to blogging is the best way to find others like you and build a readership. This is a great way to segue into […]..
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