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Creating a Blog? Here’s What You Need to Know

POSTED BY   /  27 August, 2014  

There are perhaps as many reasons to start a blog as there are people. People start blogs to promote a business, their profession, or simply to share their thoughts and opinions. The great thing about starting a blog is that it’s free for inexpensive. It only takes a moment to create a blog on sites […]..
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How to Operate a Shopping Tip Blog

POSTED BY   /  26 August, 2014  

There are two things Americans really love: Shopping and getting a great deal. As a blogger, you may have stumbled into a goldmine. If you can create content that provides the best shopping leads as well as genuine hacks on how to get the best deals, you have a very viable and hungry market at […]..
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Using a Blog to Market Yourself as a Freelance Professional

POSTED BY   /  25 August, 2014  

As a freelance professional, you need to have a strong strategy for promoting yourself on the Internet. Whether it is due to a lack of local options or the money that can be made through online professionalism, more and more people are flocking to the Internet for online jobs. You need to have a method […]..
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Why Doctors Need to Focus on Content

POSTED BY   /  24 August, 2014  

The vast majority of people research products and services they’ll eventually purchase online, including finding the right doctor. It’s a content-driven world and no industry is immune. However, doctors aren’t known for their impeccable handwriting or for creating original, high quality content. While it’s good that their efforts are focused on medicine and serving their […]..
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4 People Who Aren’t Blogging…But Should

POSTED BY   /  23 August, 2014  

There are countless reasons not to start a blog, especially when it seems like every conceivable company and bored teenager is doing it. Building a following is difficult, you need to do it religiously, SEO matters a lot and then there’s the issue of choosing the right platform. However, there are also many people who […]..
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Health and Wellness Practices to Pursue for Professional Bloggers

POSTED BY   /  20 August, 2014  

A blogger’s lifestyle typically features a substantial amount of freedom, but it also involves hazards that differ from that in your typical 9-to-5 job. Working at the computer is usually a solitary activity, and one that doesn’t require very much movement or exposure to the sun. Blogging over long periods of time can take its […]..
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