4 Tips To Improve Your Blogging Presence   

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No matter if you’re a casual or professional blogger, you should always be looking for ways to improve your craft. Typically this is going to come through some sort of continuing education effort, which means you have to be on the lookout for ways to expand your horizons. Hopefully you can do this without breaking the bank as well!

With that in mind, four tips to improve your blogging presence include making sure that you have a good stock photo site ready to dive into, making sure that you have a friend or co-worker that is willing to look over your material before publishing, maintaining a good release schedule (not too much too fast, not too little too slow), and to consider working with a group.

Have a Good Stock Photo Site at the Ready                     

If you know where to find a good stock photo site, then you’ve got a good start into the business. You won’t always have time to take your own photos or create your own images, so having a place to go where you can type in a search string and get immediate results is going to be very important to having an efficient blog.

Have an Extra Set of Eyes On Your Text     

For better or for worse, it’s very difficult to edit your own material. It’s hard to find your own spelling and grammar errors. It’s hard to figure out if there’s a better syntax you could have used for a certain paragraph or set of ideas. It might be a friend, or it might be a co-worker, but have somebody always check out your text before sending it to be published. Researching blogging techniques will also help keep you consistent.

Maintain an Appropriate Schedule                       

People are very picky about where they get their news, and there are lots of options for them to choose from. If you have a blog, you need to find the sweet spot for how often to write new material. It may be daily, and it may be weekly, but you need to be consistent. Check out blog publishing best practices to see what other people in the industry are up to.

Consider Working with a Group

Running a blog on your own is hard work. With friends or just with like minds, the job can be much easier and more rewarding. Before you set off on your own to test the limits of what you can write about, find out if you know other people who are interested in writing the same things. You can potentially bounce ideas off of each other and prop each other up when it comes to content, and have a more varied voice in general about your topic matter.


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  1. Marc Gray says:

    My new blog is the first that i have really made any money from. One thing you didnt really mention is to choose your blog topic carefully. I tried writing a movie review blog but it took so much time and I watch so many films it was almost impossible to keep up!

    Anyway that would be my advice, write about something that you enjoy or love.I train Krav Maga and MMA and was thinking about going that way!!Maybe you are going travelling, that would be a great blog or even if you live away from home, what about writing a blog with humour about where you live..

    Bloggers of the world unite!



    PS. Great Blog mate!

  2. David says:

    I’m still new to blogs and these strategies will help me thanks for sharing

  3. Amit Singh says:

    Great post, it really helps me a lot and the post that i have read on On page SEO

  4. Good point of giving us some tips that can improve our blogging presence. But for me, the number 1 tip that must be considered is “The originality (uniqueness of your blog)”. Instead of searching for photos on the internet, why don’t try making your own? Bloggers will be more attracted if they knew that there is something special in your blog.

  5. Otieno says:

    This is by far one of the most comprehensive blogging tips available. Kudos

  6. timenagain says:

    thanks for good suggestion

  7. sekhar says:

    good information about blogging tips…

  8. I think your step no one and 4 is very effective and powerful like Have a Good Stock Photo Site at the Ready and Consider Working with a Group.Thanks

  9. Jeff Lee says:

    Thanks for giving such a great strategies for blog posting……

  10. sathishw r says:

    I’m still new to blogs and these strategies will help me thanks for sharing

  11. I am new to Professional Blogging. Your article helps me in optimizing my work. Thank you so much Jennifer gretson. Please keep regular posting

  12. Cool post. I also think that we should consider the content and background so that it can attract the readers at first time!

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