5 Reasons to Keep a Fitness Blog

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Whether someone is committing to an entirely new fitness routine, or is turning to fitness as one of many ways to improve overall health and well-being—keeping a fitness blog may help to support their fitness goals. One of the great things about blogs, is that they can be written with personality. Blogs do not have to be formal—and they can be both honest and fun. Below are 5 reasons to consider starting a fitness blog.

See How Much Progress Has Been Made

Blogging is an excellent way for individuals to track and share the progress they are making in their journey towards improved health and well-being. This goes far beyond the number on the scale—in fact, the number on the scale is often given too much power. While the number on the scale may be decreasing, factors such as increased energy, improved range of motion, and strength and endurance are all cause for celebration. According to Angeles Burke, the Director of Fitness at the Wellness at Celsius, the best way to create accountability is by tracking progress through sharing weight loss, diet tips, workout schedule, and photos. This way readers can see the bloggers progress. A fitness blog can also be used to highlight how improved fitness is to improving overall immunity, as well as combating specific health conditions—such as decreased stress or improved diabetes.

Form An Online Support System

A fitness blog does not need to include only the bright lights along the way, but also the challenges. Fitness bloggers can share their bad days, their bad weeks, as well as the invaluable lessons they learn along the way. In fact, a blog could even be dedicated to using fitness to recover from specific injuries. Fitness expert Pro Sports Club recommends Pilates for many types of rehabilitation.

Create An System Of Accountability

Committing to a new fitness routine can be quite challenging. Even if friends are made within the gym or fitness center a blogger attends, those friends may not be experiencing the same fitness challenges. Those who blog are likely to feel an obligation to their readers to uphold their commitment to fitness. Both the blogger and their readers can use the comment areas of the blog—or the social media profiles linked to the blog to encourage one another, and hold one another accountable to their fitness goals.

Identify Trends In Fitness Habits

Many people have triggers that lead to, or increase the frequency of their unhealthy habits. However, not everyone is aware of their triggers. This makes blogging an excellent way to identify what these triggers are. For example, some people find that they sleep much better on the days that they work out—or that it is easier to skip a work out if it is scheduled in the mornings.

Express Feelings Along The Way

For many, blogging has successfully replaced journaling. The difference is, blogs can be viewed by anyone who finds it on the web. Even if a blog is created with the goal of sharing progress only with friends and family—those who are consistent with their blogging will begin to find their amount of new online traffic will continue to grow.

On top of the reasons mentioned above, as a fitness blog grows in popularity—opportunities to monetize the blog may begin to develop. Dorie Clark shares a few ways in which a blog can be used to generate income in an article on Forbes.


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