5 Techniques for Blogging About Money    

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There is a huge audience when considering writing about the gigantic and perpetually interesting topic of money. That’s why there are so many people who write about it, both generally and with regard to specific subcategories of the topic.

However, if you want to differentiate yourself within the mold of the money blogger, there are a few techniques you can use to help you along that involve minimum effort with maximum results – read about how investments work, mimic the style of other successful blogs in the financial industry, be sure to always cite your sources, get as many expert guest bloggers involved as you can, and don’t be pretentious in your writing style.

Read About Investments

Many people are pretty much stuck in the financial situation they are in because of their jobs or livelihoods, but one way they can still move money around is through investments. If you are at least aware of gold and silver investment information, you can include short updates about it in your blog posts. And maybe expand that information to other types of stocks as well, eventually, especially for people interested in retirement investing.

Find Other Successful Blogs In the Industry

And even though you shouldn’t copy content directly, you can copy the style of financial blogs. This can be the tone, the format, the layout, or any other aspect that you think would be particularly inviting to the demographic that you’re aiming to write for. Also, pay attention to graphic content like the way colors are used, or how the author uses photos or other images to really connect ideas to the content he or she is writing about.

Always Cite Your Sources   

One way to lose trust quickly on your blog is by having inaccurate information. Or at least, present information that you haven’t sourced. If sourced information is inaccurate for some reason, that a whole different story – as at least you aren’t responsible for the data itself. Especially when it comes to money, you want to be as truthful about your information as possible, and that means citing everything that isn’t specifically your opinion.

Get Expert Guest Bloggers Involved    

There are a tremendous number of benefits to inviting guest bloggers to contribute to your content. First, they will have their own readership. Second, it makes your readers understand that you’re looking to expand your content base to other experts in the field.

Don’t Be Pretentious

Even though the topic of money can be a pretentious one among certain circles, that doesn’t mean the tone of your writing itself has to be susceptible. Even if you have great information, if your writing style irritates people, that’s a huge and immediate turnoff to what you’re trying to accomplish.


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