5 Tips for Bloggers To Use SEO Effectively

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No matter what type of blogger you are, you want traffic. You want readership. If you have ads on your site, you want the commercial revenue. Which leads to the perpetual questions of how to get more traffic to your site.

It has to be a given that you already have great content. That’s not the problem. The problem is that you don’t know exactly how to make search engines work in your favor. To that end, consider the following five tips about anchor text, algorithms, linking, updates, and collaborations.

Pay Close Attention to Anchor Text Rules

Make absolutely sure to familiarize yourself with modern anchor text rules. This is one of the single biggest factors in getting search engines to rate you highly. If you pay attention to what is being rewarded and what is being penalized, it will only be a slight change in your formatting and you’ll see a dramatic spike in readership, simply because it will be easier to search for the type of content that you’re providing.

Keep Up on Algorithm Updates

Google algorithms update regularly. This means that what you thought would work yesterday in terms of SEO, may not work today. There are both large updates and small updates, and a lot of the Internet world isn’t super familiar with how to follow them. That just gives you more room to stay competitive because you’re paying attention to the small details while your competitors are getting lost in yesterday’s shuffle. You might not think those little things make a difference, but when you hit your traffic tipping point, you’ll be happy you were ahead of the curve.

Don’t Force Links Irresponsibly

If you try to force links into your blog unnecessarily or simply in order to create pretend value, you’re going to get penalized. However, if all of your links are natural, you use anchor text responsibly, you have all of your photos tagged, and all of your headlines are correct, you’ll be just fine.

More Updates Mean More Links

Regular updates in the content areas of your blog will automatically lead to more good links, which in turn will lead to more traffic. If you link both within your own site to relevant information as well as to outside sources, that will be the best of all of those worlds as well.

Find Other Bloggers To Work With

When you work with other bloggers, everyone wins as well. So long as you’re in friendly cooperation, you all will get more traffic if you share resources and ideals. Linking back and forth is good for SEO, and the readership that’s passed back and forth is great for the metrics that get counted as well.


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    21 Comments on "5 Tips for Bloggers To Use SEO Effectively"

  1. this is awesome really awesome.. thanks..

  2. Hi Jennifer Gretson,
    I agree with most points that you made above. However I am not too sure about Don’t Force Links Irresponsibly.
    Research indicates that most blogger may be depend on do-follow blog commenting for SEO.

  3. I have a blog but I confused about SEO. Your article was more informative, I know some tricks from your awesome post. But i did not understand one thing clearly”Don’t Force Links Irresponsibly”.

  4. Manasa says:

    really thanks for sharing .. this blog helpful to me

  5. Hi Jennifer Gretson,
    It’s really amazing that your thought and observation about blogger is great and I agree to you that without SEO your blog post will be empty.

  6. Thanks for the info and links. You have done me a great service. The anchor text link was very helpful.

  7. buyes list says:

    awesome….post…thanks for sharing with us..

  8. Devendra says:

    Wonderful post with some helpful topics about SEO. I really appreciate you.

  9. Thank you very much for this very useful post! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. balaganesh says:

    nice sharing its very useful to me

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  12. Force anyone to visit another site is really bad. Most of time it results punished. So , thank you for your authentic and nice article

  13. Karan says:

    Hey Jennifer,
    You said it right, what worked yesterday do not work for today. The SEO keeps on changing and for this we need to have a look at the algo updates.
    In simple words keep it natural, I have experienced it personally that getting more useless links causes harm.

  14. imah says:

    I agree with you. SEO keep change and somehow we still can use old school way. It still relevant. In my country it very difficult to find guest blogger to work with.

  15. niloy says:

    your all tips is best but i don’t understand “Don’t Force Links Irresponsibly” clearly. anchor text is very important for seo. thanks for sharing a informative tips.

  16. abutalha says:

    helpful information for learn SEO. i think anchor text is very important for SEO and we should also learn do-follow/ no-follow link.

  17. Yes This article is important every blog seo. We should follow the post how use anchor text. 5 main point discussion by Jennifer Gretson.Discussion are good. I easily learn something. We should follow it.

  18. Thank you very much for this very useful post! Thanks a lot for sharing Wonderful post with some helpful topics about SEO. I really appreciate you.

  19. Willium says:

    your guideline are so informative.I usually keep your site bookmarked as though find it easy way & learn more & more. Please keep it up.

  20. Hello Jennifer,
    I read your post. This is very effective and easy tips. All the tips are good.SEO is very important for the site. Content is great. I hope for more this type of posts from you. Keep it up.

  21. Patrick says:

    Hi Jennifer.good post with meaningful words.Thanks for sharing this post.

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