5 Tips For Blogging About Home Improvement

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It’s a lot of fun blogging about a topic like home improvement, because there are so many ways to approach the subject! But because of that, many writers get stuck writing material that ends up being unfocused and overly general, and their audience quickly loses interest.

To fight against that, if you’re a home improvement blogger, or are simply writing a one-off about home improvement, consider the five following tips regarding linking to sites with interactive possibilities, working through your own personal projects, scanning for ideas in home improvement magazines, remaining focused on a single topic, and being sure to add images all over the place.

Link To Sites With Interactivity

Pure words and data about home improvement, though valuable in their own right, leave something to be desired. So, if you’re blogging about home improvement, trying linking to resources that have an element of interactivity in them. For instance, some websites offer interactive design possibilities to help with digital visualization of home improvement projects. For the first time, people can see in advance what the end result of a project will look like!

Write About Your Own Personal Projects

If you really want your blog post to stand out, why not personalize it all the way? Do a DIY home improvement project and write about it. Take people through your process, your materials, your mistakes, your eventual success (hopefully!). Write about what you learned, so that they can learn from you. This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking either – just a project big enough to take note of. And maybe something that you’ve never tried before, so that element of tension pushes the story forward as well.

Find Ideas In Home Improvement Magazines

If you’re lost for relevant topic material for your blog, just scan headlines in popular home improvement magazines. Don’t copy any of their actual content, but piggyback on the ideas they present, especially if they are modern or trending ones.

Stay Focused

It’s easy to get off topic or to try to take on a lot of things within a single blog post. However, complication or too long of a post can be a real turn-off for readers, so if you stay focused on a single thing at a time, it will work out better for you on a number of levels.

Be Sure To Add Images

Back to the idea of words being dry, in addition to linking to interactive resources out there, you should also add as many images as make sense in your story. Home improvement is all about making things look better, so before and after pictures are very popular in the overall genre of writing and posting.


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  1. Charles says:

    Thanks for the informative post, I would like to post some home improvements tips but not sure how to post them on here, it’s related to useful tips about carpet cleaning, pet stain removals and more

    Thanks Charles

  2. winecooler says:

    Impressive list – I found it very helpful. I only disagree about short blog post length as a general rule. That completely depends on the niche and audience. But I do like the following advice to focus on one idea.

  3. knight kevin says:

    This is really a informative post on home blogging contain Worthy,tactful and effective tips to initiate blogs on home improvement
    Thanks for it

  4. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Jennifer and it’s really effective post.Very helpful and Thanks!:)

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