5 Ways To Focus Your Blog For Greater Reader Interest

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If you begin to feel stagnant when it comes to the topics that you’re writing about for your blog, it may be time to start focusing in deeper on specific things. Though it may sound counterintuitive, in fact, when you aim for a smaller audience, you’ll actually get greater reader interest.

To help you start to focus your content, consider the five following ways to improve your current system of writing – go deep on specialized topics, focus your attention on hyper-local concepts, collaborate with people in your geographical area, scan for specific reader interests on other blogs, and make your actual posts as dense as possible.

Go Deep On Specialized Topics            

The best way to gain reader interest for your blog is to go deep on specific topics. For instance, if you’re writing to a demographic including retailers, don’t talk about general things like coupons or discounts. Really dig in and present information about detailed topics like payment automation or protecting against chargeback fraud. If you are the only one presenting this kind of specific information, then you will be the only place certain segments of readers will want to browse on a regular basis.

Write About Super Local Topics  

You’ll read all kinds of blogs about Los Angeles. But how many blogs deal with one specific neighborhood? Guess what, everyone in that neighborhood is going to look to your blog for information once you’ve started focusing on them. It’s a great way to earn trust. To find out more about the benefits of local information, look at some of the new SEO tips for localization that come with Google’s new algorithms for search rankings. It’s really fascinating stuff.

Collaborate With People In Your Area   

There are so many benefits to collaboration, but there are even more when it comes to collaborating with people in your geographical area. There is something to be said about meeting people face to face, and when you have that physical connection with a local blogger, the two of you can cross-pollinate ideas and readership. Not all blogging has to be competitive to be successful.

Look For Specific Reader Interest From Other Blogs

If you read blogs similar to yours, look for reader feedback about what they want from that blog. For instance, look up blogs for writers and see what people are responding too. Then write about those topics specifically in your next post.

Make Your Tone Dense   

Not many people have time to read extra words these days. That means that if you want to focus your readership, you have to give them dense material to focus on. Leave the flowery words for your next novel, and use straight talk for blog posts.


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