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5 Tips for Better Blogging By Health Professionals

POSTED BY   /  10 November, 2015  

Most businesses understand the importance of having some type of blog these days, and even though you might not think that health care professionals would have to worry about it too much, there’s still enough competition going on in that sector that every blog post on a company website helps. But, because health professionals are […]..
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5 Tips For Blogging About Home Improvement

POSTED BY   /  9 November, 2015  

It’s a lot of fun blogging about a topic like home improvement, because there are so many ways to approach the subject! But because of that, many writers get stuck writing material that ends up being unfocused and overly general, and their audience quickly loses interest. To fight against that, if you’re a home improvement […]..
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Get Quality Content For Your Business Blog

POSTED BY   /  15 October, 2015  

These days, every business needs a blog. A blog can draw readers in and make them into customers. It gives you a chance to explain your business and your mission statement. It also makes your company more relatable, which is essential in the current market – many customers will not use a business that does […]..
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5 Tips To Create Compelling Writing About Addiction

POSTED BY   /  6 October, 2015  

As a blogger, one of your primary goals should always be to create compelling material for your readers to view. And what subject is much more compelling than addiction? Topics like money, power, drugs, alcohol, and sex are often stitched throughout narration about addiction, and those all make for very powerful stories. However, within the […]..
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5 Tips for Bloggers To Use SEO Effectively

POSTED BY   /  5 October, 2015  

No matter what type of blogger you are, you want traffic. You want readership. If you have ads on your site, you want the commercial revenue. Which leads to the perpetual questions of how to get more traffic to your site. It has to be a given that you already have great content. That’s not […]..
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Can Blogging Help Museums Appeal To Millenials?

POSTED BY   /  27 September, 2015  

In the age of the endless Tumblr scroll, museums are facing a new and unique challenge – why would anyone want to walk around looking at pictures on the wall when they could do the same thing from the comfort of their bed? What’s more, museums only house a few hundred pieces of art – […]..
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Four Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

POSTED BY   /  26 September, 2015  

Blogging has many uses. It can be a great outlet for your passion, or just a way to express your thoughts and feelings. Your blog could be personal, but it could also be a professional blog where you share tips with customers or even with other businesses. Starting a blog is probably the easy part […]..
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5 Ways To Blog About Your Job Hunt

POSTED BY   /  25 September, 2015  

Sometimes it’s not possible or feasible to be a professional blogger who is instantly able to make a career out of said blog. It’s tough to make money just writing from a personal standpoint, so often another job of some sort is going to be in the mix. So why not blog about the job […]..
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5 Tips For Blogging About Security and Privacy

POSTED BY   /  24 September, 2015  

Almost everyone these days has some type of concern over security and privacy, especially when it comes to matters of their mobile devices and desktop computers. If you’re a blogger and you cover news and information about this topic, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind while doing your writing in order […]..
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Best Blogging Practices: From Home Or Away?

POSTED BY   /  19 September, 2015  

With mobile technology and mobile resources the way they are, it’s easier than ever to write and submit blog posts from wherever you are, so what are some of the indications that you would be more successful doing your blog from a home or home office or perhaps on the go? To answer this question, […]..
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