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5 Tips for Improving Your Fashion Blogging Skills

POSTED BY   /  29 July, 2015  

Fashion blogging is fun, creative, and a great way to earn money if you do it professionally. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut if you don’t find some way to stay consistently motivated. If you find that you aren’t quite getting the same type of quality output that you’re used to, consider […]..
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3 Things to Include in a Blog Review

POSTED BY   /  24 July, 2015  

The blogosphere is a constantly growing and evolving world. New blogs are cropping up almost daily and without something important to say, they may die out just as quickly. Many bloggers create their online voice by reviewing something; this could be a place, item, food or interest. Reviews are a great way to generate traffic […]..
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Go Go Gadget Blog: Tips On Writing A Blog For Techies

POSTED BY   /  21 July, 2015  

Writing a blog to impress techies may be a challenge if you are not technologically inclined.  Building a blog could be an excellent way to stir up interest if you are in the technology profession.  It’s sort of a savvy way to build up a better reputation as a part time techie yourself.  You don’t […]..
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Tips For Starting A Wedding Blog

POSTED BY   /  14 July, 2015  

There are hundreds of wedding blogs out there. Some are simple little blogs run by one person and others are larger blogs with many writers and maybe even some big names in the industry backing them. Maybe you decided you want to start a wedding blog, but you want to find a different niche than […]..
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Tips for Starting The Perfect Fashion Blog

POSTED BY   /  14 July, 2015  

Blogging is hard work. It needs patience, passion and practice. However, blogging is a lot more fun when it’s about something you’re passionate about and something that drives you. If you’re someone who knows the different styles of dresses, you just have that gut feeling of what matches and how to wear a particular attire […]..
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Tips For Blogging About Your Creative Ideas

POSTED BY   /  13 July, 2015  

There are many types of blogs you can start, whether you just want a fun hobby or you intend to monetize your blog. People love to read blogs, but there are already so many out there, so what can you do that is different? An interesting idea for a blog would be an ideas blog. […]..
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How To Use Blogging To Promote Your Art

POSTED BY   /  11 July, 2015  

Promoting your art in this day and age has almost endless boundaries.  Because of that, the market is highly competitive.  It’s hard to be an artist. Blogging is simply another tool you can manipulate to your benefit with the right knowledge and training.  Don’t be another starving artist, work hard and get your creations out […]..
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Tips On Starting Your Own Food Blog

POSTED BY   /  8 July, 2015  

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen it is pretty likely that you’ve thought about starting a food blog at some point. Maybe you’re crafty with cooking from scratch, or you have a knack for altering prepackaged foods. Maybe you want to share your trials with gluten free or sugar free cooking […]..
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Practice Self-Help Therapy Through Blogging       

POSTED BY   /  7 June, 2015  

               Everyone goes through tough times, but some are tougher than others. Anyone who has ever battled with addiction or serious mental illness knows the feeling of being out of control and isolated. Many people in that situation have found that writing helps, and from there it’s just a […]..
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Add Some Comedy To Your Blog With These Tips

POSTED BY   /  21 May, 2015  

You may not realize it, but adding some humor to your blog posts can often help get readers to keep coming back for more. However, if you aren’t a comedian it may seem a difficult thing for you to do. What one person thinks is funny isn’t always funny to everyone else. If your blog […]..
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