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Do you need somebody to type out a question paper for you? Or, Is it that, you are looking for someone who can weave magic with words and bring people to your website? Product reviews, copywriting, technical articles and what not. On Contentmart, you can more or less be guaranteed to find a writer for all your diverse content needs. As a content buyer or a client, you have options. Not just sub-standard, par options, but quality options. The writer’s carry along years of experience with themselves. Irrespective of the field of interest that your article lies in, there will be always be a couple of people, with eye-popping portfolio’s and past experiences that you can then benefit from. Oh! One more thing. How does Contentmart monitor quality? They conduct tests. Writers who have passed all their grammar, as well as, essay tests become ‘Verified writers’. Content buyer’s too can make their own assessment/assumption on the quality of the writers by looking at their portfolio, reading the reviews they have received and through many such ways. All in all, content buyers on Contentmart, can make a more informed decision before awarding an article to a writer.

As an online, freelance content-writing platform, Contentmart makes things incredibly simple for content buyers. Clients can put up ‘n’ number of orders, (provided they have enough money in their account) and for each order they put up, there is no commission of any sort charged against them. All the load of the commission is on the writers and rightly so. Although the client’s don’t have to pay commission, they still are charged a small sum of money in the form of ‘Service Tax’.

Quick and easy to use. On many online platforms, filling up details, stocking up accounts with cash etc. etc. takes a lot of time. But on Contentmart, this entire process of topping up one’s account is extremely simple. Follow these simple steps and within ten minutes, your work will be done:

  • Click on the ‘Balance’ tab.

  • Click on ‘Deposit funds’.

  • Choose any of the pre-set amounts, or, type in the custom amount.

  • Go ‘Next’.

  • Fill in your bank details.

  • And go put up orders.

So these are the three primary problems content buyers usually have, in relation to online freelance writing platforms. If you are a content buyer, and you face other notable problems on a regular basis, you can mention it below in the comments section, in the form of a mini-Contentmart review.

Problem 1: Hard to find quality.

Soln. Contentmart.

Problem 2: Not affordable.

Soln. Contentmart.

Problem 3:Difficult to use, causing various kinds of inconvenience.

Soln. Contentmart.

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    8 Comments on "Contentmart- One-stop Solution For Content Buyers"

  1. Anand Yadav says:

    Thanks for the great post. But content buying should be done after few months of writing own contents.

  2. Nice Post about Content writing. I think you need to do some better work. and nowadays you can do product content marketing too. It is good for you. like amazon. eBay and others. If you know perfect SEO then you can work for own. It’s my tips for me.

  3. Aswani says:

    Content generation is getting more and more tough these days. Mostly due to hectic schedule. I have been facing the same in recent times. And I haven’t been able to find a solution for the same. Contentmart sounds good to me. Thinking to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this info.

  4. Misbah says:

    Content generation is the real Game now, No one can beat the original and well-written content. Well written and explained. Thumbs up!

  5. best way of creating good quality content is getting someone that is writign for you.
    at least thats what i do and it works.

  6. I have been buying content from them since a long time. Nice quality and good writers.

  7. tubidys says:

    Nice Post about Content writing.

  8. mia1990lane says:

    These are some great advice’s about content writing, keep up the great work.
    Best Regards

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