Design Thinking Process and its 5 Main Stages

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Design thinking process is an approach in any organization or business to create a problem solving technique. This process is very beneficial in tackling complex problems in any system. While creating this process, organizations require a lot of brain storming and hands on approach in testing and prototyping. Creating a suitable and perfect thinking process for any business or organization requires the following five steps.


Here are five stages of designing thinking process


This is the first step while creating any thinking process. Gaining empathetic understanding of your problem is the foremost important thing while designing a thinking process in any organization. During this process generally, data collection and research on the concerned area is performed. All the information gathered in this first stage is used in the second stage of this thinking process.


Now, when you come to the second stage of design thinking process, you analyze all the data gathered in the first stage. This helps you to define the problem.

It is the “define stage” when the designer in the team collects the idea and establish the features, other elements and creates ideas. The designer asks question on how to solve the problem and shifts to the next stage of this process.


Under this process the designers are ready to create ideas that will help them to solve the problem. Until, this stage the designers are well aware of the problem and has gathered all the information related to the problem. Now, with various techniques to ideate, the designers will create an idea to solve the problem. The techniques to ideate can be brainstorming, scampering and brain white.


The solutions that designers come up with in the last three stages are tested here and experimented. The prototype created may be tested within the designers group or outside also. The best possible solution is noted down and the failures to solve the problem are kept aside. At last end, designers team come up with ideas to solve the problem.


The idea to solve the problem is tested in the “test stage” of this process. The prototype is served before the users and they test it. Designers are supposed to ask the feedback. They keep the requirement in front of the user and tell them that you have achieved all the goals.


Once designers have passed the test they can now put the design into effect.

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