Don’t Be Afraid To Add A Little Creativity To Your Business Blog

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While it makes sense that you want your business blog to sound professional, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a little creativity to it as well. You want people to want to keep coming back and reading, so you need to make sure that you are doing things that make them want to come back. That could be as simple as including a really cool infographic. Or it could be as simple as giving them a little inside look at your business itself, including some pictures of what it’s like to work where you work.

If your blog posts are too stuffy and too business professional, people aren’t going to enjoy reading them as much as they would if they had a little bit of a creative and fun edge to them. It’s not that hard to get this, you just need to be a little out of the box.

Consider A Fun How-To

One type of super creative article you can do for your blog is a fun how-to. You want to tell people how to do something with one of your products or services, obviously, because you want this to be something that hopefully turns into a sale. But you want to make sure it’s something fun, so take a look at your products and services and determine what could make the most fun in a how-to article.

If your business sells wrapping paper, for example, you could do a fun and creative article on different things people can do with wrapping paper aside from just wrapping gifts. There are probably a ton of things you can do with this type of product that don’t fit the normal uses.

Tell A Story

Use a blog post once a month or every other month to tell people a little story about your business, maybe about how you got started or about who started the company. You could write stories about how different products were created or decided upon, or even about your different services.  

Most things you’ll read on this subject will tell you that you shouldn’t be using your blog for self-promotion, but sometimes a little bit of self-promotion can go a long way. Instead of writing simply about an individual product and what people could do with it, make the story about how you came up with that product and what kind of steps you went through to get it on the market. People find that more interesting than just that they can wash their face with it.

Feature An Employee

People like to know about who they are buying from, and since they’re mostly buying from you online they don’t get to see your employees face-to-face. Having a blog is a great way to allow people to meet your employees face-to-face, by featuring one of them each month.

Pick an employee that has a good story to tell, although you don’t just want to focus on certain employees, at some point you want to cover everyone. Most people are going to enjoy the underdog story more than a story about someone who came in with tons of money and still makes tons of money. Whether you do this in interview format or you simply have your writer write a little bio about them, this is something different that people will enjoy reading each month.

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    6 Comments on "Don’t Be Afraid To Add A Little Creativity To Your Business Blog"

  1. David says:

    Excellent write-up! We all forget the kid in us, when we grow up. Adding creativity helps in enjoying your passion!

  2. Paula Kaur says:

    Yeah! part of your productivity is to be creative in your business blog.

  3. David Hoang says:

    Add some fun to your article can be a good trick to keep reader loyalty to your website.

  4. Richa Sharma says:

    Nice to read this information! Now I keep in mind your advice and follow your tip!

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. great post. It is great to see that I am on the right track. You always have great ideas! Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge.

  6. Fat Cutter says:

    good i really enjoy this idea

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