Four Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

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Blogging has many uses. It can be a great outlet for your passion, or just a way to express your thoughts and feelings. Your blog could be personal, but it could also be a professional blog where you share tips with customers or even with other businesses.

Starting a blog is probably the easy part of blogging. You find an outlet, like WordPress, you pick a name, and then you start coming up with ideas. Keeping the ideas flowing and getting readers to keep coming back are probably the hardest parts.

Come Up With A Topic

Maybe you want to run a blog that helps people find great shopping deals, or maybe you want to have a blog that gives everyone ideas for remodeling or decorating their homes. Everyone loves DIY and deals, so those are always great topic ideas.

If your blog is connected to your business you will want your posts to revolve around something to do with your products or services. However, you don’t want to use your blog for self-promotion. You can direct people to your product or service, but give them something more than just descriptions of your products.

Give The Readers What They Want

While topic and content are very important, giving readers what they want is about more than just writing an article of researched info on an interesting topic. If you write about things you are passionate about it will show in your post, and it will attract readers. They’ll be excited to come back for more.

If you aren’t sure what people want to read take some time to research popular keywords and trending topics.

Look Into Shareable Content

Speaking of trending topics, those will be the ones that have a better chance of going viral. You want to make sure that you are creating content people will want to share. That means that it needs to be smart, useful, and interesting. It needs to give them information that works for them and makes them sure it will help others.

Promote Your Blog

Your blog will be lost in the vastness of the internet if you don’t promote it. That can be as simple as having a link to it on the front page of your business website. It’s also fairly easy to use social media accounts, for business and personal blogs, as a way to promote blogs and new blog posts.

Blogging is more than just writing. You need to write often, write smart, and share what you are writing. Don’t expect people to find you on their own, and don’t expect them to share your thoughts and ideas if you are not putting your all into everything you write.


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  1. Thanks for share the idea of blogging. I am not doing blogging but i got the idea of blogging.

    Thank You.

  2. Amy Williams says:

    Great .. i want to make a blog for my business services, i am sure it will help to me to grow my business.

  3. I love to write. Blogging gives you complete freedom to write on what ever you feel like to.

  4. interesting I found some new tips about starting own blog

  5. Patrick says:

    Jennifer thanks for your advice on creating blog for first time and very solid information!

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