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These days, every business needs a blog. A blog can draw readers in and make them into customers. It gives you a chance to explain your business and your mission statement. It also makes your company more relatable, which is essential in the current market – many customers will not use a business that does not reflect their values.

But how can you generate good content for your blog? Many people are great at running a business but not so great at running a blog, just as many famous bloggers couldn’t take on the responsibility of running a business.

Paid Content

Hiring a blogger to write for you has several advantages. You don’t have to worry about the blog – they can take care of everything on that end. Also, most bloggers are happy to work from home, so if your business is online-only, it will work out well.

Rather than negotiating an hourly wage, you can pay them by post, which is good from a value perspective. In some businesses, employers are forced to pay their employees for a certain amount of slacking off, but if they are freelancing, you only pay for their work.

The downside of paid content is that you can’t be sure the blogger will write things that are “on brand” – you will need to talk to them and negotiate in order to get the content and voice that you want.

Get Typing

If you enjoy writing or feel you are able to run the blog yourself, it will help you to save some money. However, before you commit to it, remember that this will be like adding a whole new set of responsibilities to your job.

Running your blog will add several hours to your work week, so if you already have a heavy schedule, consider whether you have the time for it.

Read some blog posts about what you are hoping to focus your blog on. Think about how they are written. The style and tone of the article are important. How does the author break up their article? Is it easy to read and understand? These are values you want to reflect with your own blog.

Some experienced authors can offer you tips and tricks to writing great blog posts.  Try to develop a process and routine in how you write – before long, it will feel like second nature.

Good For Business

A quality blog can bring readers to the “front door” of your business and show them why they should be shopping with you. Many famous companies run blogs, and it is considered a necessary part of doing online business.

If your blog becomes popular, it could also be personally fulfilling for you! A blog is a great place to let out your feelings or talk about your life a bit, and you will be surprised by how many people want to hear what you have to say.

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    4 Comments on "Get Quality Content For Your Business Blog"

  1. Kapil Sharma says:

    Jennifer Gretson, I appreciate your idea to focus on the style and tone of the blog that you are reading to learn something new….

  2. Deepak says:

    I like the paid methods, where you can get quality writings at less pay (if you are taking things smartly). However, it has certain disadvantages too. But it is obvious, that a coin has two sides. Right? 🙂

  3. Patrick says:

    Hi Jennifer,Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this and very useful information.Once again thanks:)

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