How To Get Your Comments Approved Easily

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Comments Approved

Getting your Comments Approved

Comments are one of the easiest way to get a backlink. Although many of the blogs provide only a NoFollow comment backlink but still it carries a link juice to our site. Nofollow is a tag which website owners give to the external links mostly to not provide any authority to the linked site.

People think that NoFollow links are not any kind of useful but no they still matters. By giving a nofollow tag to a link we suggest Google that the link should not be followed. But its the decision of Google which matters the most and its up to Google to accept your suggestion. Most of the time Google follows the link and still gives the link juice to the next linked site. Even it is less powerful than a DoFollow backlink but even NoFollow link from an authority site is good.

So how to get your comments approved as there are always some guidelines associated with commenting on other blogs. Each blogger looks out for only good and quality comments and commenting only for getting a link will not help you in your journey.

Things to do for getting your comments approved:

1. Write Comments that Matters

You are not allowed to advertise yourself and your services in the comment section. Comments are a way to get feedback on the quality hard work. Think yourself on the same side and getting hundreds of Spam comments for your hours of hard work. Surely you will not like it so why should anyone else like it?

Never try to write comments that are not relevant with the content. Always try to add values to the content and if you know something that can help people in addition to the content.

2. No Links! I repeat No Links

The main reason with your comments getting disapproved is that you have added a link in your comment. Akismet, Spam detection plugin sends these comments directly into the Spam folder. The chances for an author to look into the Spam folder is very low (Almost zero). For a big blog getting thousand of comments will not even look into Spam folder.

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So never try to add any link to your blog or blog posts in your comments. If it is too necessary to add a link then try with adding spaces in between.

3. Add values to the readers

Do you think that only the post adds value to the users?

No the comments sometimes are more important then the whole post. If you know something that is not written on the post or something that is mistakenly added to the content. One more thing with that is you can get visitors to your blog or website by writing good comments. If you are telling something that people find good than they will surely visit your site.

4. No use of Keywords

One of the thing provided by WordPress is to add link to your blog with your name as Anchor text. It is being misused by many a times by readers hungry of getting keyword backlink. They write keywords in place of there name and most of the time this comment is disapproved and you know the reason surely.

It is for something good to get you some reward in return of writing comments. Misusing it will not help you in any way. If you need a backlink to your posts than you can search for Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs to write one.

These were some of the ways to get your comments approved. I hope they will help you to get good interaction and backlinks that matters. Now share this with your friends as Sharing is Caring 🙂


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  1. wow very nice information.. it’s very helpful for seo beginners

  2. Thanks for sharing this post….its best way to get comments approved easily.

  3. Aarti says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. The instructions which are in the post, I follow some of these instructions. But now I will follow all these instructions.

  4. Gateway says:

    Great post on commenting. Commenting must be in 3-4 lines and related to the article.
    Commenting is not used for website advertising, promotion purpose of your website.

  5. harshita says:

    According to me if we will upload fab story, write nice topic so every one will want to read our post and want to comment on them, we can get more backlinks to other blogs. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Fouad says:

    I learned that having a lot of unhealthy backlinks will reduce the authority of a blog. Are no follow links healthy or unhealthy?

  7. Great read, thanks for sharing. Couldn’t agree more, in fact I wrote an entire blog post on why your comments will get the S.E.O Boot. A Comment is Not a Sales Page, it must be an inspiration. Your comment must inspire the visitors to that particular site to want to visit your site in return.

  8. jese says:

    Great post about increasing our back link through blog commenting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. It is an amazing post which helps to increase the back links of your blog commenting.

  10. Digitera says:

    Thanks for these valuable points which matters a lot for getting backlinks from blog commenting….

  11. hosen says:

    blogging is main part for seo. if blog commenting properly done earn much money in this sector

  12. sinwax says:

    Comments are one of the easiest way to get a backlink. We have to choose good choice and positive.

  13. Blogging plays an important role in search engine optimization. You should follow this things to approve comment easily.

  14. jumbo says:

    blog commenting is the one of seo get building the backlinks.Thanks for sharing the valuable information, very helpful indeed.

  15. I recently found your page and so far I love it. Keep up the good work. You have done an excellent job with your writing.

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