How to Do Optimization for Your Website?

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website-conversion-optimization-services majority of people start researching the services online before buying or availing any. so, for a company or business, building a website is a positive step towards the online marketing strategy. Having a website is not only the solutions to get online leads or promotions, in fact popularity in the search engines really matter that can be maintained by SEO strategies.

SEO strategies even include the process of enhancing traffic on a web page. This is can be done only by getting the higher ranks on the first page of search engines. As, Google is capturing more than 60% of the search engine market, it will be a good reference point to use while developing a SEO strategy.

You want to make your site optimize for Google? Here are some important tips:

Add fresh, unique and relevant content on your website:

You might have seen the posts from Matt Cutts, a member of Google’s search quality group. Always he is trying to convey the message to webmasters that great content has to be the foundation of every great website.

As, people use search engines to find out the information or solution to their queries. Google constantly crawls the web pages with fresh content to index in order to deliver the best results or answers. That’s why, Google always shows the relevant results whenever be enter a query or keyword.

Promote your website to get qualitative back-links:

Participate in the relevant forums and blogs by getting a part of the online conversations. This will help you to add links back to your website. while providing informative data to customers, others will definitely link back to your website. These kinds of external links are really helpful in getting top ranks on Google.

Keyword Research:

It refers to the study of words that would be use by your potential clients while searching for your services or products on Google and that keywords should be included in your website also. To start, ask yourself what keywords you think your customers would use to search for your products or services. you can also see your competitors’ sites. Another way is to use a free keyword planar tool like ‘AdWords‘by Google that will suggest to many keywords according to your website or services.

Use Descriptive URLS:

The text shown in the URL really factor in the ranking on search engines. So, make sure each URL of your all web-pages should be descriptive like it itself gives the idea or introduction about the page it representing.

Add Alt text in Images:

Alt text plays a key role in describing the images displayed on a web page. This will provide the information about the function and content of your images to Google.

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    23 Comments on "How to Do Optimization for Your Website?"

  1. JC Junior says:

    If you have a new website, better do on page optimization first. You have already hit the nail on two, descriptive URL and Alt image tags. I might add in making new pages, use your targeted keywords for the URL that relates to the article inside the page. Website loading time is also a factor in on-page optimization. Their are check list given from SEO Gurus that you can use as your start up list to follow.

  2. T I Antor says:

    Hey, Preetika,
    I must say you have written an outstanding post on this topic. Every point you have mentioned is must needed for any website for optimization for Google rank. Even, i did all these things for my website optimization. Newbie bloggers can find this post very much helpful if they read top to bottom. Great work, keep it up.

  3. himanshu says:

    hi Preetika

    i m confuse that i have many back links for website and still not getting enough traffic, but hope this tips will help me out.

  4. Even worked this very thorough and detailed optimization. Thanks for the article and more in the future!

  5. Fantastic list and very informative!Thank you for the great steps to optimizing web site.Thanks for this articel, this articel very good.

  6. Somia says:

    Hey preetika,
    These are all tips for on page seo. Can you please tell us more about off page? This article rally help me alot.

  7. Thanks for sharing this blog.
    Nice Blog.

  8. Thanks for sharing this blog.
    Great blog.

  9. Kishan Singh says:

    Nice article Thanks to the author.

  10. Tim Banson says:

    I just say you have a nice capability to write an article about website optimization. It’s really helps me to get some clear information about seo. You can visit for the tech-related information Top smartphone latest news

  11. You are very good. I just want to say that your article is more informative and helpful for my site.Thanks for sharing all this information.

  12. yana says:

    great article preetika thanks
    all tips are informative for seo on page or off page.

  13. Hey,
    Awesome to hear that you are sharing your knowledge with visitors free of cost. Many are there in the market who are getting a lot of money but I will appreciate your efforts.
    Thank you 🙂

  14. Hi Preetika,
    Great article. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  15. There are many tools to help optimize seo, you should choose the best tools to help the site to top fast

  16. Jack says:

    The article is so nice, I will follow these tips for optimizing my website.

  17. Mr. Vikas says:

    I also agree with your point. Though I would like to draw your attention towards one thing that top bloggers like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean regularly link out to each other and refer each other’s content.
    I think that’s best for community and networking. Also that enriches the knowledge of your readers.
    What’s your input about this kind of blogger communities?

  18. John says:

    I started to blog 1month back up to now I didn’t get much traffic for my site. I am following some on-page optimization tricks. What should I do now? I am confused right now give me some suggestions.
    Thank you.

  19. Leonard Wong says:

    Good article! i have a new website want to optimize for Google. Your tips will useful to me. Thanks Again

  20. Very helpful articles. External links are very helpful for a website. I would try to increase the number of external links.

  21. Sana says:

    preetika, you have done a good job.. i appericate you

  22. Jane Brewer says:

    These are all very useful tips for optimizing your website and if you are using WordPress that there are many popular plugins available that will optimize your website.

  23. Hey, Preetika,
    I must say you have written an outstanding post on this topic. Every point you have mentioned is must needed for any website for optimization for Google rank. Even, I did all these things for my website optimization.
    good information for the new blogger like me
    thank you and keep sharing.

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