How to Maintain a Professional Business Demeanor on Blogs and Social Media

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Social media and blogging have become integral parts of doing business. Many employers actively monitor their employees’ social media accounts and personal blogs.

Other companies and managers do the same for competing company blogs and media outlets. Here are a few tips to ensure that what gets posted is in the best interests of the company and its employees.

Be careful what you post

Blogs and social media have given everyone a voice to express whatever they feel they need to. Sometimes that voice explains nothing more than the day-to-day activities of the person. At other times, it can be a full-blown rant.

It can feel as if anything said online is anonymous because there’s no face to match what is said, but this is far from true. Anything posted online will remain online for eternity … or at least as long as the life of the website.

This means that thoughts expressed years ago could come back and haunt the writer ’way down the road.

Tend to your security settings

It’s in the best interests of every blog or social media website to have its users’ profiles opened up wide for as many people as possible to view. This drives traffic to the site. Whether the profile on the other end is well-known or belongs to the office recluse, this kind of openness is what attracts traffic.

What is not known to most people is that the default settings of these sites are set to these standards. Every time the website undergoes an update, these settings are reset to the system default.

It’s a smart practice to check your security settings periodically to avoid unwanted visitors peering at the profile.

Be aware of who sees what you post

Blogs and social media sites want to give the owner as much exposure as he or she can possibly use. It’s beneficial for website traffic and publicizing your operations, but it offers other benefits.

The security settings play an important part, but it’s important to understand how the websites work in proxy. Visitors to the blog can hypertext link the blog entry or status update to whomever they choose.

This may raise issues of privacy and corporate security in cases where prying eyes find their way to entries that may not be fit for everyone to read.

Cover your tracks

One of the best ways to protect a blog entry or online posting is simply to delete it. Many critics will say this is wrong, but only the author of the blog or post can determine that.

Posting dangerous information may seem like simple venting initially, but it’s better over the long run to cover one’s tracks. Delete and editing options are available just for that reason.

Taking active care of what’s being posted online is a critical part of doing business today. Anything short of presenting the company or oneself in a positive light is highly frowned upon.

People have suffered disciplinary action as a consequence of a blog or social media post. Keeping it clean or silent is often the best policy to avoid trouble.

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