How Patients Could Benefits from Blogging

POSTED BY   /  23 August, 2015   

In the time of social media, tons of people worldwide share tidbits of their personal lives on the web, and illnesses are no exception. According to a report by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, almost half..
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5 Tips for Blogging About Technology

POSTED BY   /  22 August, 2015   

Technology is such a gigantic field that it’s no surprise there are so many people who blog about it. That said, just because it’s a popular topic doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything valuable to contribute. Whether you’re a..
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What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?

POSTED BY   /  19 August, 2015   

Today, Gantt charts are a staple tool in project management software. They show up in project binders, on boardroom walls, in project management plans — all because they are able to visually convey what would take paragraphs of boring text. But..
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Tips On Becoming A Guest Blogger

POSTED BY   /  13 August, 2015   

Guest blogging isn’t a way to get rich, although there are some bloggers that do pay their guest posters, but it is a great way to get your name out to different readers and possibly attract new people to your..
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Using Your Blog To Help People Save Money  

POSTED BY   /  12 August, 2015   

Regardless of what the central topic of your blog is about, you can get a lot of extra attention and also be that much more valuable to your subscribers by giving them ways to save money. The following ideas are..
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5 Tips for Improving Your Fashion Blogging Skills

POSTED BY   /  29 July, 2015   

Fashion blogging is fun, creative, and a great way to earn money if you do it professionally. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut if you don’t find some way to stay consistently motivated. If you find that..
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3 Things to Include in a Blog Review

POSTED BY   /  24 July, 2015   

The blogosphere is a constantly growing and evolving world. New blogs are cropping up almost daily and without something important to say, they may die out just as quickly. Many bloggers create their online voice by reviewing something; this could..
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Business Money And The Technology Of Spending

POSTED BY   /  22 July, 2015   

When it comes to business money it’s all about paying employees, paying the bills and tracking how much money you are actually making. There are many legitimate reasons that businesses hire out payroll and have a business accountant, it’s a..
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Go Go Gadget Blog: Tips On Writing A Blog For Techies

POSTED BY   /  21 July, 2015   

Writing a blog to impress techies may be a challenge if you are not technologically inclined.  Building a blog could be an excellent way to stir up interest if you are in the technology profession.  It’s sort of a savvy..
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Tips For Starting A Wedding Blog

POSTED BY   /  14 July, 2015   

There are hundreds of wedding blogs out there. Some are simple little blogs run by one person and others are larger blogs with many writers and maybe even some big names in the industry backing them. Maybe you decided you..
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