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Why Doctors Need to Focus on Content

POSTED BY   /  24 August, 2014  

The vast majority of people research products and services they’ll eventually purchase online, including finding the right doctor. It’s a content-driven world and no industry is immune. However, doctors aren’t known for their impeccable handwriting or for creating original, high quality content. While it’s good that their efforts are focused on medicine and serving their […]..
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Why Every Blogger Needs SEO – Even You

POSTED BY   /  22 May, 2014  

      If you don’t plan on monetizing your blog and/or optimizing it, do you really need search engine optimization (SEO)? After all, the best practices can be confusing and time-consuming, and conditions and tactics are constantly changing. Keeping on top of the action can be a nightmare. But the answer is yes: No […]..
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3 Ways Blogging Can Improve SEO

POSTED BY   /  14 January, 2014  

With SEO effective from a cost and traffic perspective, it’s a strategy that many marketers are investing in. While there are countless techniques that can improve SEO, blogging has proven itself to be one of the best. Here are three ways that maintaining a quality blog can help your SEO efforts. 1) Consistently fresh content […]..
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3 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  30 April, 2013  

Keeping up with a website can be hard work. While the internet is a perfect outlet for creativity and source of inspiration and advice, producing content for the web is often harder than people realize. Having a website requires time and patience. It’s more than writing articles and posting pictures, building a website involves designing […]..
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Should I NOINDEX My Tag Archives?

POSTED BY   /  8 August, 2012  

NOINDEX Meta Tag image The question of using the NOINDEX meta tag for tags and tag archives has long been a debatable question. Remember, tags create a duplicate content issue, and unless your blog falls into a small minority of sites, using the NOINDEX tag is always a good idea. We provide our thoughts and reasons why!..
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Why We Don’t Use Tags in our Blog Posts

POSTED BY   /  2 August, 2012  

Why We Don't Use Tags image We are constantly asked why we do not use tags when publishing a blog post. The simple answer is; tags do nothing for us! Why take the time and effort to tag a post if there is no longer a benefit in doing so? Tags used to be beneficial for user navigation and SEO, but not anymore. So we dumped them all!..
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What is a Title Tag – How Do You Use Them?

POSTED BY   /  30 June, 2012  

Title tags are the most significant element of SEO and represent the first opportunity to make a positive impression on your visitor. For this reason, title tags are nothing to play around with. What are title tags? Each and every single one of them represents your blog's potential success, not only from the search engines, but through visitor click-through rates...
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Duplicate Title Tags Caused from WordPress SEO by Yoast

POSTED BY   /  27 June, 2012  

Are you using the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin on your blog? If so, you need to ensure that the plugin is not conflicting with your theme and causing duplicate title tags within your page source code, and dooming your blog for search engine success. We experienced this issue, and we have found an easy solution that does not include modifying the code within your theme files. ..
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