How Social Media and Blogging Have Revolutionized Home Improvement

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Ever since people from everyday society discovered blogging and social media networks, we’ve seen many changes in the way people approach home improvement and interior decorating. What was once a fairly rare art form that most would hire trained professionals to undertake has become one of the most engaging hobbies and crafts for Do-It-Yourselfers across the nation.

There are several reasons this trend has developed.

Social media outlets encourage amateur participation in home improvement and interior decorating

As more people tried their hand at decorating or renovation projects, they began to share their activities with their friends, family, and even strangers, which encouraged them to give it a try as well. People even began to show others how to tackle a project.

This process continued as a chain reaction that has worked itself into a huge trend among housewives and young adults. At one time both would have called a tradesman to handle a task, but now they pick up the tools they need and complete the tasks themselves.

Instructional video blogs (vlogs) have made home improvement skills freely accessible to the masses

Because of this, practical jobs that once were studied at vocational or technical schools can now be learned by Everyman from the comfort of his (or her) home. Projects such as building and installing a shelf, sewing a new set of curtains, or customizing a workspace are now ready to be learned by anyone through the simple click of a YouTube link.

Pinterest and other sharing sites spread ideas

One of the most rapidly growing trends among Internet and social media users is the popularity of the social network Pinterest. The bulk of Pinterest’s material consists of posts about projects, crafts, DIY home decor, and instructions on home improvement projects. Sharing and obtaining ideas for projects has never been more widespread or readily available.

Blogs have revitalized the “Keeping Up With The Joneses” psychology

Let’s face it, the reason many people read home improvement blogs and go on social networking sites such as Pinterest is to figure out easy ways they can make their homes more modern, fresh, and up to snuff with all the latest trends. Seeing blog posts by savvy homemakers sparks a strong desire in readers to not only have what they’re reading about, but get the bigger, better version.

Tips and advice are given by and for Everyman

This is perhaps the element of this trend that both reflects and has had the most impact on our changed society. Because the language used in blog posts is often casual and unintimidating for common people with no special training or knowledge in the subject, it’s easy for people to gain the confidence they need to take on home projects themselves.

Whether they’re reading about which water-powered sump pump to connect, or browsing social networking sites for the perfect way to convert their attic, people are taking more and more control over their ability to make the most out of their home without paying for professionals.

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