Three Ways To Use Your Blog For The Greater Good

November 22, 2016 by: 9

helpful bloggingWhat are you posting on your blog on a regular basis? That probably depends a lot on what your blog is about, what your life is like, or even what your business is about. No matter, whether it’s a business or a personal one, what type of blog you have there are ways you can use your blog to help other people and to work toward making the world a better place.

Even if your blog is a place you share your poetry, essays, and short stories, you can still use it to share things that a good for other people to know and learn. Maybe you had an auto accident and now you have some insight that might help others. Maybe you write a poem about the good of donating time or money, or items, to the needy.

Help People In Cases Of Accidents And Tragedies

People are always looking for advice when tragic, or just an accident, things happen. They want to know how to deal with a car accident when it happens, or how to get help getting over the loss of a loved one. And they will Google these things online.

Sometimes the best advice they can get is through people who have been through the same things already. Why not dedicate a blog post to your recent fender bender and what hoops you had to jump through for your insurance, and even how your insurance may have gone up due to this

Teach People How To Relax And Find Calm

Whether your blog is for your business or your person reflections, there are ways you can use some post to help spread calm and relaxation with your readers, depending on your business type, of course. If you sell beauty products you can talk about how a spa night can be a great way to relax.

If you are blogging just to blog you could dedicate a post to nearly anything relaxation based, from how to use guided meditations to how to relieve a stress headache with natural therapies. Maybe you even started going to therapy for anxiety, why not share that and let other people know that there are people suffering the same things as them and that there is help out there.

Talk About Charities And Donating

If you are running a business blog you can get a lot more love from readers if you spend a little time once in awhile talking about the charities that your business backs and the donations that your business has made. If you support local charities you can also attract more attention on a local field.

Even individual bloggers can find satisfaction in talking about donations. Even if all you did was donate a bag of clothes to the local thrift store, write a post about it and how it saves items that could still get some use out of them from going into landfills.

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