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Definitive Guide to Crowdfunding Sites

POSTED BY   /  1 October, 2015  

In the last few years, the crowdfunding scene has exploded. Now there are hundreds of platforms to choose from, with more popping up every day. But which crowdfunding site is best for your small business? Or charitable cause? We covered 26 Top Crowdfunding Sites by Niche, and now we’ve created an infographic with all the […]..
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What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?

POSTED BY   /  19 August, 2015  

Today, Gantt charts are a staple tool in project management software. They show up in project binders, on boardroom walls, in project management plans — all because they are able to visually convey what would take paragraphs of boring text. But who invented them? What makes them beneficial for project planning? And what are the useful […]..
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How Smartphones Can Improve DIY Woodworking Projects

POSTED BY   /  25 September, 2014  

There are many people that enjoy the aspect of doing the work themselves whether it’s to save money or fill them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Today, mobile technology may play a significant role in making Do-It-Yourself projects easier and more efficient. While many of the tools used in woodworking haven’t changed a […]..
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Using a Chatwing Chatroom on Your Site

POSTED BY   /  14 March, 2014  

If you have done everything to make your site a traffic magnet but still find it lacking, then maybe it’s about time to compliment it with a supporting tool. And when it comes to supporting tools, a chat software would best come in handy. Using one in your site will drastically increase its capability to […]..
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Getting a Chatroom in a Zilch with Chatwing

POSTED BY   /  14 November, 2013  

Chatting nowadays has been a mixture of being a hobby and a need to conduct successful business transactions. In the World Web now, obtaining a chatroom is very easy. Now here’s one that everyone would surely love to use whether it be for chatting with friends or their business associates or both – Chatwing. This […]..
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5 Divorce Apps Khloe Kardashian May Find Useful If She Dumps Lamar Odom

POSTED BY   /  4 October, 2013  

Anyone who’s been keeping up with the Kardashians will have heard that Lamar Odom and Khloe are going through a pretty rough time. They’re on the verge of getting a divorce, though there are rumors floating around that they’re still trying to work on it. Divorce is a messy process — especially for celebrities like […]..
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What is my WordPress Login URL?

POSTED BY   /  10 May, 2013  

There is nothing like the frustration of being out and about, away from home and work, and you just can't remember how to login into WordPress to save your life. Here is a very short and sweet post that provides your WordPress Login URL so that you can login and get to work...
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How to Remove URLs Using Google Webmaster Tools

POSTED BY   /  24 July, 2012  

This is a short and sweet tutorial for using Google Webmaster Tools to remove a URL or page from the Google search index. If you conduct a Google site search and find useless and excessive URLs that add no benefit to the end user; chances are Google is penalizing your blog. Learning to remove URLs is imperative and this is how to do it...
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