Top 5 Money Management Blogs

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With the popularity of the web at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that savvy investors and the Average Joe alike are turning more and more to premier websites for advice on money management and general financial advice. Although there are general themes than run through these top finance sites, they have each carved a niche with a unique offering.

  1. Daily Finance is a comprehensive money management blog with well-written information on all aspects of finance, from concrete advice on tax returns, to human-interest articles covering the spending habits of the rich and famous. The contributors provide investment advice and a financial playbook that members can use to track spending habits and goals. They even have a car finder and there are sections for real estate, credit and shopping.

  1. Wise Bread is not quite as formidable as Daily Finance; as a result, it can be more user-friendly, and is targeted towards people with smaller budgets. To this end, there are sections on frugal living, best deals and so-called “life hacks.” In keeping with the growing trend of content-marketing taking over so many popular websites today, Wise Bread focuses heavily on human-interest-type articles for their daily blogs. These informative posts usually detail financial advice and shopping tips to help save money.

  1. Consumerist

One of the most popular money management blogs of them all is undoubtedly the Consumerist. Unlike other blogs, content on the Consumerist website is mostly written by a full-time team of credentialed reporters and does not rely on advertising for revenue. The format is not dedicated to personal finance, but rather reports on the top finance and money management news of the day – such as actions by Congress, the FCC and International Relations.

  1. The Krazy Koupon Lady

Out of all the listed sites, is the one that most signifies money management when it comes to shopping. It hosts an impressive list of popular stores, with coupon deals and sales for the week in each section. The blog section has general shopping tips and ways to save money for the entire family – no matter what endeavor. This section comprises the money management offering, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of credit cards, debit, real estate and other tools in the suite of personal finance.

  1. Money Crashers is counted by Cameron Huddleston of Kiplinger among the top ten personal finance blogs worth reading. The site is similar in content to Daily Finance, with a full menu of subjects covering personal finance and money management. It even incorporates aspects of a particular lifestyle a consumer may have – with advice for budgeting for fitness routines, travel, vacation and green living. There’s a review section for credit cards, which is further sectioned into categories like “best for students,” “best for those in debt,” etc.

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