Want to Beat the Writing Competition? There Are 6 Rules to the Game!

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Becoming a blogger is a dream for many writers. This position opens the door for many other jobs in freelancing.

As an article writer you gain experience with content, grammar, and sentence structure — and this may seem daunting in itself. Becoming a blogger, on the other hand, takes a different set of skills. If you want to win that writing assignment and tackle that blogging job, then there are six rules to the game!

1. Respond quickly

When you find an advertisement for a writing job that speaks to you, you must respond quickly. Remember that there are many other writers who are seeing the same ad. It never takes long to fill writing positions.

2. Make them remember

You want to stand out above the rest. Considering all the responses that ad may be getting, you’ll want to make your response be the one that makes them stop and think long and hard about hiring you for the assignment.

Speak to them in the same language they are speaking to you. Be yourself but yet hold your professionalism.

3. The basics

You want to send three basic things to your potential employer. Always include a resume, cover letter, and at least three examples of your previous work. It’s very important to make sure that all materials are current. Never send a sample that is more than a year old when applying for a blogging job.

The number one reason for this is because your writing styles and abilities are constantly changing and, we hope, getting better. You will want to present your work at its current quality level to show what you have to offer.

4. A positive attitude

Always have a positive attitude when applying for a blogging job. Never deprecate your work or limit your abilities. As you are writing your letter, always maintain the attitude that you will hear back from the employer.

End your letter with “Thanks for the consideration” and a word about “Looking forward to hearing from you soon.” These statements are hooks that help to snag the job. When the employer sees these words, it implies you are very confident in your work, to the point that you know you have the right abilities for the job you are seeking.

5. Follow up

If you hear back from the employer and they have additional questions, be as swift to answer the questions as you were with the initial application. If the employer has questions, they are considering you for employment. Choose your words carefully, because this could be the cincher.

6. Persevere

If you are turned down for that sought-after writing assignment, it’s not the end of the world. Keeping looking for blogger jobs online. There are many places that display advertisements on a daily basis. The more letters you send out, the more chance that you’ll land a lucrative writing job. Never give up!

Landing a blog writing assignment is a process. To beat the competition, you have to be strong-willed and confident in your abilities as a writer. Your dream job is just a click away.

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