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6 Tips for Helping Your Blog Strike the Perfect Balance Between Relatable and Aspirational

POSTED BY   /  21 December, 2014  

Maintaining a blog can be a rewarding experience, whether the blog is personal or professional. Some people publish blogs about family life, while others blog about their careers. Many individuals have blogs about various hobbies, from fashion to photography to scrapbooking to building model airplanes. Countless blogs exist solely for the purpose of marketing various […]..
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Six Surefire Blogging Tips for a Positive Blogging Experience

POSTED BY   /  20 December, 2014  

You have heard a lot about blogging and how profitable it can be; however, you are not sure where to begin. You sort through all of the advice, not sure which suggestions to employ first. Before you go any further on your blogging journey, there are six surefire blogging tips you need to implement to […]..
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5 Tips for Building a Blog’s Brand With Online Marketing

POSTED BY   /  17 December, 2014  

Building a brand’s image with the use of online marketing is not always simple, especially with thousands of potential competitive blogs and websites already available. When you want to build a blog’s brand and image online, doing so is possible by implementing a few tips and tricks to stay ahead of competition while truly understanding […]..
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Benefits of Whitespace: Making Your Blog Legible

POSTED BY   /  16 December, 2014  

Too many bloggers will cram so much on their websites that it seems one paragraph is mixing with another or the images are diverting the attention from the text. The whole purpose of a blog is to provide useful and legible content. If you load too much on the pages, it becomes very difficult to […]..
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3 Reasons Your Venue Needs a Blog

POSTED BY   /  15 December, 2014  

Any niche industry can benefit from a blog if it’s done well. However, the idea of a blog is often much more appealing than the actual work that needs to go into it. You need to blog on a regular basis (at least three times per week), provide content that’s equally entertaining and informative, and […]..
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4 Reasons the Auto Industry Should Be Your Blog Niche

POSTED BY   /  14 December, 2014  

There are two major ways to make money blogging: Sponsorship (which ultimately requires getting “internet famous”) and via monetization. If you’re not a writer and have no dreams about becoming the next Perez Hilton, then monetization is more your speed. This requires more tech skills than writing or infographic-making skills, and many monetizing bloggers rely […]..
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Why You Should Add a Blog to Your Business Website

POSTED BY   /  8 December, 2014  

If your business website does not have a blog, it is something you should think about creating. A blog will add value to your site and bring in customers for a number of reasons. Blogs Add Value And Create Good Will A blog acts as a mechanism to bring visitors to your site who are […]..
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Establishing Your Online Brand: 5 Tips to Maximize on Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  8 December, 2014  

According to this infographic, small business blogs generate 126 percent more leads. This is because 81 percent of consumers use blogs to get advice on what to buy. So, how can you design your blog to maximize on brand visibility? Here are 5 practical tips. Identify the Objectives of Your Business Blog There are three […]..
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3 Ways to Keep Things Fresh on Your Business Blog

POSTED BY   /  7 December, 2014  

As a small business owner, you understand the work that goes into promoting your products or services. You’re probably ready to dive headfirst into online marketing. Unfortunately, your budget is laying a roadblock to your marketing plans. Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from promoting your business online. There are many ways to […]..
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4 Rules for Blogging about Shoes

POSTED BY   /  6 December, 2014  

If you really want to blog about shoes, you know you have some sky high competition out there that puts even those stiletto Blahniks to shame. However, if you’re committed to blogging about what you love, you can still stand out but you’ll need to follow some rules. First, you’d better be an expert in […]..
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