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How to Disable Comments on WordPress

POSTED BY   /  5 June, 2013  

This post is intended for anyone and everyone for whom WordPress is an everyday affair. If you didn’t already know, by default the setting of the comments is always set to enabled in WordPress posts or for the different associated CMS (Content Management System) pages. They provide you with options where you can change the […]..
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What is my WordPress Login URL?

POSTED BY   /  10 May, 2013  

There is nothing like the frustration of being out and about, away from home and work, and you just can't remember how to login into WordPress to save your life. Here is a very short and sweet post that provides your WordPress Login URL so that you can login and get to work...
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5 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform

POSTED BY   /  7 May, 2013  

Thinking of starting a website? It’s hard to be a professional, or even just a casual internet user, and not have a personal site. Websites can be for business, personal blogging, a professional online portfolio, sharing news and inspiration, and countless other purposes. Now, starting and maintaining a site is easy– anyone can do it, […]..
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5 Tips for Using WordPress to Build Your Social Media

POSTED BY   /  24 April, 2013  

Everyone is concerned with how many Twitter followers they have and how many people have liked their fanpage on Facebook. While having a strong presence on social media sites is important and can create many opportunities for someone, it’s just as important for them to create content that’s worth reading and sharing. Having a well […]..
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Manually Drafting A Unique Post Excerpt – Just Do It!

POSTED BY   /  12 October, 2012  

Post Excerpt image Are you drafting your own unique post excerpt on your blog? If not, then this is a practice that we recommend that you start using right way. Unique post excerpts battle against duplicate content issues, are more favorable to the search engines, and most of all, beneficial and enticing to your readers to earn that much-needed click through to your articles and blog posts...
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How to Tag a Post in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  30 July, 2012  

How to Tag a Post image Learning how to tag a post just happens to be one of those fundamental lessons in blogging that many people have 100 opinions about, but do not actually have factual information. Some use tags for SEO; some use them exclusively for visitor usability. Others use categories for this same reason, and then others use a combination of both. Tagging a post is all about your intentions and how you plan to structure..
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WordPress Tags – What are they and How Do You Use Them?

POSTED BY   /  27 July, 2012  

WordPress Tags image Learning how to use WordPress tags for their intended use has been a confusing subject for many new and intermediate bloggers for some time now. What are WordPress tags? What is an effective tagging strategy? How many is acceptable? We attempt to eliminate this confusion with some basic answers to these nagging questions...
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WordPress Categories – What are They and How Do You Use Them?

POSTED BY   /  26 July, 2012  

WordPress Categories image The topic of WordPress categories and how they are used has long been a confusing subject for many new and intermediate bloggers. Categories provide an effective method of user navigation, but only if they are set up logically and effectively. What are WordPress categories? How do you use them? We provide answers...
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How to Delete an Image in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  23 July, 2012  

If you have ever removed or deleted an image directly out of a post, did you remember to delete the same image out of your Media Library? If not, you have a ton of duplicate images causing duplicate content issues and wasting bandwidth and space on your server. Deleting images is simple, but you must go through this necessary step each and every time...
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Setting up Navigation Menus in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  26 June, 2012  

The first time setting up and installing your navigation menus in WordPress can be quite daunting and confusing for new bloggers. But once you go through the process at least once, it becomes much easier than it looks. We have provided a short and sweet tutorial to walk you through the process of setting up your Navigation Menus within just a few minutes. ..
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