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Google Pixel 2 News and Rumors

POSTED BY   /  10 June, 2017  

Last year, Motorola’s interview with TechRadar has mentioned that the Nexus 6 was too great, when the smartphone was ready, but Google wanted a smartphone with a large screen, so that the company released it to Nexus project. We expect that a similar situation waiting for us in 2017, the Google again wants a great […]..
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Samsung Galaxy S9 to extend the use of NFC in smartphone

POSTED BY   /  22 March, 2017  

With the launch of S8, recently Samsung has cleared, that for future phones like Galaxy S9 specs, there would be more scope of new Advancements like NFC chips. The Galaxy S8 phone has NFC technology; it can be used with a variety of additional applications. Beam S is one of the technologies of Samsung, which […]..
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A brighter display with the iPhone 9 and exceptional stereo speaker

POSTED BY   /  21 March, 2017  

The display of new iPhone has become a 25% brighter, has a wide range of colors and, of course, 3D Touch. But all the same audio jack removed: EarPods headphones are now connected by Lightning. There are, of course, and adapter included for those who do not want to sell your own headphones with 3.5mm […]..
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Traveling to Seattle: What to Do and See

POSTED BY   /  6 January, 2016  

When you visit Seattle, you’ll certainly enjoy one of the top travel destinations in the world. This city is home to a broad array of breathtaking sights and amazing attractions. Whether you’re interested in viewing local landmarks, shopping for the freshest of fish, or browsing the exhibits at a top-notch museum, you will find plenty […]..
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Tips for Generating Blog Traffic With Evolving Topics

POSTED BY   /  1 September, 2015  

Static topics in blogs can have a lot of evergreen appeal, but sometimes it’s nice to write about things that will consistently generate new traffic. The best way to work this angle is by occasionally writing about evolving topics. If you haven’t considered this route before, here are a few tips to get that traffic […]..
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5 Mobile Tools For a More Successful Blog

POSTED BY   /  17 March, 2015  

Both blogging and mobile devices have been gone through a rapid revolution, exploding in popularity within recent years so it’s no wonder that the two are moving closer and closer together. The blogosphere, while predominantly desktop/laptop weighted, has broken into mobile devices. According to Paul Chaney, a long-time contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, people are […]..
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5 Reasons to Keep a Fitness Blog

POSTED BY   /  16 March, 2015  

Whether someone is committing to an entirely new fitness routine, or is turning to fitness as one of many ways to improve overall health and well-being—keeping a fitness blog may help to support their fitness goals. One of the great things about blogs, is that they can be written with personality. Blogs do not have […]..
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How to Prepare For a Travel Emergency

POSTED BY   /  15 February, 2015  

While everyone wants their vacation to only be full of happy memories and unforgettable sights, it’s essential to plan ahead and prepare for any bumps that may come up along the road. Most people will experience a few minor mishaps along the way, but larger emergencies, though rare, should also be planned for so that […]..
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Top 5 Money Management Blogs

POSTED BY   /  31 January, 2015  

With the popularity of the web at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that savvy investors and the Average Joe alike are turning more and more to premier websites for advice on money management and general financial advice. Although there are general themes than run through these top finance sites, they have each carved a […]..
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5 Reasons to Start a Health Blog

POSTED BY   /  15 January, 2015  

If it seems like everyone is blogging these days, it might be because it’s true. Health blogs in particular are very popular, and with a variety of topics and niches to fit into, almost anyone, from an amateur fitness enthusiast to a health professional can find a voice in the area. The reason health blogs […]..
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