Tips for Generating Blog Traffic With Evolving Topics

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Static topics in blogs can have a lot of evergreen appeal, but sometimes it’s nice to write about things that will consistently generate new traffic. The best way to work this angle is by occasionally writing about evolving topics.

If you haven’t considered this route before, here are a few tips to get that traffic moving your direction – write blog posts about the stock market, create stories that can have additional information appended later, follow any sort of current storyline in the news, write about the most trending topics, and respond to real-time feedback when possible.

Blog About the Stock Market     

Money money money, people love following stories about money, and the stock market is a sweet spot when it comes to writing about it. Every hour there are changes and speculations, and that’s a gold mine for bloggers looking to increase traffic. So find a stock market site with reliable information and head there every time you need something to write for a quick shot of traffic. If you fashion the information there into some type of feature news, you’ll get even better results.

Create Stories that You Can Add To Later   

Another way to inject life into your blog is by creating stories with the plan to add to them later. Each update can link back to the original, which means traffic begets traffic. In addition, if you have links to primary sources that you researched to derive the original story from, the SEO links will already be in place so that you’ll be picked up more easily by Google’s web crawlers. Many people will appreciate the fact that you go deeper into stories as well, instead of just skimming the surface like most blogs or news outlets.

Follow a Current Storyline           

If you watch the local or national news, you’ll find topics that people have been reporting on for many days in a row. If you blog about national news topics, you can automatically generate traffic by appealing to the people that are following these main news sources. Just make sure that you have something genuine to say in each post.

Write About Trending Topics              

If you look at any major social media platform, there is always a section that tells you about today’s trending topics. As long as you have something interesting to say about any of these topics, jump into the fray.

Respond To Real-time Feedback         

If you have a blog structure that allows for real-time feedback to people as they comment on your content, that’s another great way to get more readership and hits on your site. Even spending an hour or so per day chatting with people in this way will get people to trust you and your writing.


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    13 Comments on "Tips for Generating Blog Traffic With Evolving Topics"

  1. sanjay says:

    really informative stuff.. thanx for sharing !

  2. Raj Mitra says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have recently started a new site and I a trying hard to rank it. Will try to write posts keeping this techniques in mind and let you know my experience on it. Also I heard that google sandboxes a new site? Is this true?

  3. jaipalreddy says:

    very nice site and a lot of information I received. thank u

  4. Hamid says:

    I think that we need to be able to define the right needs of our audience and respend to it using a different approach to the subject to be able to differenciate from the rest.

  5. what a great collection of novel ideas to boost the traffic. Many of them can be practically tried without much trouble and cost. Thanks for taking pains and providing such a consolidated views on such an important aspect. thanks for publication.

  6. faizan Ahmed says:

    Link to your previous articles Traffic begets traffic. yep

  7. Daniel says:

    I will apply these tips and i will let you know! Let’s hope that i will became famous and rich! Seriously, thanks for these pieces of advice!

  8. Hi Jennifer ,

    Thanks for the tips “Write About Trending Topics ” . I guess this will work for me and derive decent traffic to my blog.

  9. Thank you for share this. I have blogging site and i will sure try your method.Actually there are many way to use bloging site.

  10. balaganesh says:

    Thanks for share this. I am also maintain 3blog sites

  11. You gave me an idea about niche thanks.

  12. trending topic is a nice idea for huge traffic.

  13. nisha arora says:

    this is nice idea to write the trending topics for traffic.

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