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Using a Chatwing Chatroom on Your Site

POSTED BY   /  14 March, 2014  

If you have done everything to make your site a traffic magnet but still find it lacking, then maybe it’s about time to compliment it with a supporting tool. And when it comes to supporting tools, a chat software would best come in handy. Using one in your site will drastically increase its capability to […]..
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Chatwing – An Ideal Choice for a Chatting Tool

POSTED BY   /  3 June, 2013  

This article was submitted by a Guest Blogger. Chatting is an important part of our daily lives. With it, our communication with other people has become somewhat, less complicated and easier. As of now, these tools that continue to provide us with the capability to chat are getting more abundant in number. That’s why choosing […]..
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5 WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  11 April, 2013  

A while ago, the idea of blogging was revolutionary. Giving everyone on the Internet their own, unique platform to broadcast their thoughts and opinions to the entire world? Crazy. However, with over a billion blogs estimated to be in existence today, getting your message out is not even remotely outside the realm of possibilities for […]..
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Configuring Contact Form 7 Settings in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  29 June, 2012  

If your theme does not already come loaded with a contact form, creating a contact page using the Contact Form 7 plugin is fast and easy. We have put together is short and effective tutorial to walk you through the steps of configuring your Contact Form 7 settings in WordPress. Let's get a contact form working on your blog in minutes...
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Configuring the Akismet Plugin Settings in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  28 June, 2012  

Akismet is a WordPress Plugin that helps to remedy the issue of unending spam comments on a WordPress blog. Setting up Akismet is fast and simple, and we have provided a short and sweet tutorial to walk you through steps of setting up the plugin and obtaining an API Key to make it work...
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Configuring Limit Login Attempts Settings in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  25 June, 2012  

Limit Login Attempts is a WordPress plugin that limits the number of attempts that hackers are given to gain access to your blog. The WordPress installation by itself will give unwanted visitors unlimited attempts to hack into your site. We have put together this short and effective tutorial to walk you through the Limit Login Attempts settings in WordPress to further limit the capabilities of a malicious hacker trying to do you and..
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Configuring Google XML Sitemaps Settings in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  24 June, 2012  

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that generates a search engine friendly sitemap of your blog to assist crawlers in finding, following, and indexing your blog's content. There is a ton of options on the Google XML Sitemaps settings page, and we have prepared this short tutorial to help walk you through the process of setting up your sitemap step-by-step...
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Configuring Broken Link Checker Plugin Settings in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  23 June, 2012  

We have provided a short and sweet tutorial on how to configure the Broken Link Checker plugin settings in WordPress. Broken Link Checker is a fantastic, must-have plugin that constantly runs behind the scenes to ensure that all internal, external, and image links are working properly. If broken links are found, this plugin will provide an alert...
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Configuring All in One SEO Pack Settings in WordPress

POSTED BY   /  22 June, 2012  

All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular SEO plugins provided in WordPress. Although, setting up this plugin and choosing the correct options does require some SEO expertise. We have provided a short and sweet tutorial to walk you through the All in One SEO Pack settings page step-by-step...
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