Chatwing – An Ideal Choice for a Chatting Tool

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Chatting is an important part of our daily lives. With it, our communication with other people has become somewhat, less complicated and easier. As of now, these tools that continue to provide us with the capability to chat are getting more abundant in number. That’s why choosing the chatting tool that’s just right for one’s preferences would be the ideal choice. And that tool might just be Chatwing chat software.

Chatwing is designed to provide a solution to anyone’s communication needs through live chat. It’s an interactive tool that most site owners and other people would love to have because of its reliability, flexibility and stability. What’s more is that it’s very easy to make and to set-up in a site providing more comfort to its users.

Setting it Up

Chatwing is very easy to set-up once the user meets its requirements. You must first register an account and then customize a chatbox. After doing so, you’ll be provided an html code which needs to be copied and then pasted onto a website or blog. The chatroom will go live after that.

Chatwing on the Inside

As a chat app intended for all, Chatwing is designed to be simple to use. Nevertheless, it is complimented with a lot of features that makes it one of the most sophisticated chatting tools ever made.  Here’s a list of them and a brief description of their functions.

A new chatting tool for your blog

  • Social Media Integration Capacity – Chatwing is fitted with this in its logging system. That way chatters will only need to access their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Google accounts in order to join in the chatroom. Unless people want to have a Chatwing account, then there’s absolutely no need to register just to chat.
  • Customization – Chatwing is already renowned for having a chatroom that’s modifiable down to the very last detail. As of now, that feature just got better with newly added customizations such as rich text formats and allowing videos and images to be used by the use of URL links.
  • Security – The nifty chat software is also fitted with amazing security measures to make sure the chat software is well managed and totally free from spammers and their spam. It can also prevent the use of profanity too.
  • Moderators – Users can assign people that can help them in managing the site. They have their own set of text customization to make sure their messages are easily recognized by the other chatters. Like the user, they can also manage the site easily by banning offenders and such.
  • Networking – Users are able to gain more web exposure by syncing their chatrooms with the others through this. That way, they can chat with people that aren’t on their site yet still connected to that said network.
  • Mobile Phone Friendly – Chatwing works perfectly with Android and IOS. This makes this tool more flexible with people who are always on the go.


Chatwing is an all-around chatting tool that everyone can easily use. It’s great for site owners that still don’t have chatting tools on their site or are looking for a new one to try. And for a new user, there’s no harm in trying it because the software is totally free.

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