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Social Media Content Strategy

POSTED BY   /  18 April, 2017  

Are you looking out for ways to strengthen the impact of your social media through content you create? It is not always an easy task to generate the buzz you are looking for. Know what to publish? When and where it can greatly increase the visibility and reach of the viewers? Below points will guide you to create […]..
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How to use CoPromote and Get More Social Shares

POSTED BY   /  16 August, 2016  

Get More Social Shares Written down an amazing blog post? Now sitting down on your couch waiting for the visitors to rush? But wait how will they know that you have posted an update on your blog? If you are thinking about Social media then you are half way there. Yes social media can really help you to make […]..
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Smart Places To Add Organic Advertising To Prop Up Your Brand

POSTED BY   /  27 June, 2016  

Advertising isn’t the same as it was even a short time ago. The classic ways of promoting your brand or product – through TV commercials or print advertisements – don’t have the same sway they used to, and can be far too expensive for smaller budget operations as well. And what that means for you […]..
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How To Use Your Blog To Your Best Advantage

POSTED BY   /  24 May, 2016  

When you spend time blogging for your business you want to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time with blog posts that are never getting noticed. You want to make sure that your blog posts are getting found, read, shared, and used to make decisions on whether or not the reader will be doing business […]..
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How Social Media and Blogging Have Revolutionized Home Improvement

POSTED BY   /  11 April, 2014  

Ever since people from everyday society discovered blogging and social media networks, we’ve seen many changes in the way people approach home improvement and interior decorating. What was once a fairly rare art form that most would hire trained professionals to undertake has become one of the most engaging hobbies and crafts for Do-It-Yourselfers across […]..
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How to Maintain a Professional Business Demeanor on Blogs and Social Media

POSTED BY   /  11 March, 2014  

Social media and blogging have become integral parts of doing business. Many employers actively monitor their employees’ social media accounts and personal blogs. Other companies and managers do the same for competing company blogs and media outlets. Here are a few tips to ensure that what gets posted is in the best interests of the […]..
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Dale Earnhardt Jr Gets Twitter Account After Winning Daytona 500

POSTED BY   /  4 March, 2014  

One would think that if you’re consistently rated the most popular athlete in your sport, that you would be onboard with the social media wave and all it has to offer. This seems especially true if that sport is something like NASCAR, where a direct connection to fans is as critical to success as driving […]..
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5 Tips for Using WordPress to Build Your Social Media

POSTED BY   /  24 April, 2013  

Everyone is concerned with how many Twitter followers they have and how many people have liked their fanpage on Facebook. While having a strong presence on social media sites is important and can create many opportunities for someone, it’s just as important for them to create content that’s worth reading and sharing. Having a well […]..
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The Percentage of Businesses Using Twitter

POSTED BY   /  6 August, 2012  

Businesses Using Twitter image Recently, I was curious to find out what percentage of Twitter usage is by businesses and business related professionals to achieve a business goal versus the number of Twitter users and tweets that are personal in nature and intended for socializing among friends and acquaintances. I did some research on my own Twitter accounts to measure the number of business related tweets versus personal tweets. Check out what I found!..
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