5 Tips for Using WordPress to Build Your Social Media

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Everyone is concerned with how many Twitter followers they have and how many people have liked their fanpage on Facebook. While having a strong presence on social media sites is important and can create many opportunities for someone, it’s just as important for them to create content that’s worth reading and sharing. Having a well maintained website can often help increase a person or business’ audience both in readers and followers on social media sites.

Sites like WordPress offer many tools and tips on how to bring in readers and share the site’s content to social media sites. Here are some things to think about when trying to increase a website’s following:

1. Maintain the Site and Social Media Pages Equally: When someone wants to use their site in tandem with their social media profiles, the first step, or course, is to build up both platforms. A Twitter account with just a dozen followers isn’t going to help a website very much and a website with no content isn’t going to inspire people to like its Facebook page. It’s important to create interesting content on a regular basis. That way the website and the social media profiles will be working to bring in new readers and followers, and having a constant stream of content will keep them engaged.

2. Interact with Readers: This is true on social media sites just as much as it is on a website. Readers should be encouraged to leave a comment and followers should be asked to respond to tweets. Then, the site owner should respond and keep the conversation going. Interacting with an audience will keep them there; if they feel ignored or bored then there’s no incentive to keep up with the site.

3. Include Sharing Options on Posts: Most websites have a sharing option, or a social media plugin is easy to add. This gives the reader an easy way to share the website’s content right there on the page and it gives the site creator more control over what that Tweet or Facebook posts says.

4. Connect the Website and Social Media Sites: This seems simple, but many times people will forget to include the link to their website in their Twitter profile or on their Facebook page. A website should also have options to follow social media sites right on the website, along with the sharing options. A website can help build up social media profiles and vice versa, but only if it’s clear that they’re all connected.

5. Explore New Social Media Websites: Recently, Pinterest has become a frontrunner in the social media game along with Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Many sites and businesses are finding new audiences on Pinterest boards. Posting images and links to their articles and products is bringing in even more hits to their website and their content is being shared in even more places online. While it’s important to be represented on the top social media, they’re not the only places to find an audience.

There are many ways to find an audience for both social media sites and websites, and often times they will help each other to increase the overall internet presence of a person or a brand.

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  2. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate that you took the time to read and comment! I will be sure to keep learning and writing about it.

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  3. Rakesh says:

    Thanks very useful post for social media and I have learned that WordPress is very powerful for social media.

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    This is a nice post providing a lot of information about important social media plugins. I really appreciate your efforts to help the newbies in the field of blogging.

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