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How Smartphones Can Improve DIY Woodworking Projects

POSTED BY   /  25 September, 2014  

There are many people that enjoy the aspect of doing the work themselves whether it’s to save money or fill them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Today, mobile technology may play a significant role in making Do-It-Yourself projects easier and more efficient. While many of the tools used in woodworking haven’t changed a […]..
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How Advertising Has Bent to Blog Owners

POSTED BY   /  22 September, 2014  

You’ve been hard at work, plugging away at your latest blog article on managing IT projects and talking about best practices in IT portfolio management. It’s been a great week. Before you know it, you start getting emails from a couple of big-name companies who want you to let them advertise their latest software packages […]..
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3 Tech Skills that Make You a Valuable Blogger

POSTED BY   /  21 September, 2014  

  Professional bloggers don’t just sit down and write articles all day. They are expected to have a well-rounded grasp of digital communications, design, and development. Bloggers often perform a wide range of duties to maintain content and attract audiences. If you’re trying to become a professional blogger or gain skill sets to help you […]..
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Tackle the Problems with Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

POSTED BY   /  20 September, 2014  

You’ve been blogging for a while and are starting to get a solid readership. A friend says you can turn your blog into a money-making machine if you use affiliate marketing strategies. You’re all ears. Your friend even emails you a copy of his last affiliate check, and you believe an extra $500 a week […]..
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4 Elements of the Ultimate Home Office for Bloggers

POSTED BY   /  20 September, 2014  

If you’re lucky enough to work part-time or full-time as a professional blogger, then you probably spend a significant amount of time working from home. But have you taken the time to carve out the ideal working space in your residence? If not, it’s time to start brainstorming your new work space. Here are four […]..
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4 Types of Blogs That Need More Than Written Content

POSTED BY   /  19 September, 2014  

Study after study has shown that today’s consumers don’t want to get bogged down by blocks of text. They want easily digestible content they can consume on the go, such as Vine-esque videos, infographics and memes. While there are still blogs largely featuring text content alone, that only works in certain niches and industries. If […]..
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Blogging Trends Give You a Reason to Stay in the Game

POSTED BY   /  16 September, 2014  

  You created this great blog site a while back, and you’ve gotten comfortably into a writing groove. But over the last five years, the number of bloggers has increased at a ferocious rate.  In fact, more people are making a career out of blogging than ever. People who are starting now are joining the […]..
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The 2014 Blogosphere: Business-Boosting Principles

POSTED BY   /  15 September, 2014  

Although new social media channels emerge on a regular basis, blogs have held their own as a strong and effective method by which business owners can advertise their goods and services online. As 2014 starts to wind down, company executives who want to outshine their Internet competition will need to gain access to the most […]..
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2014 is the Year of Sharing Blog Content

POSTED BY   /  10 September, 2014  

Many online marketing experts will tell you that 2014 has has witnessed the rapid evolution of Internet advertising techniques designed to ensure that bloggers achieve the visibility and conversion rates they desire. While many techniques are being employed to reach these objectives, the art of sharing blog content has gained particular prevalence and staying power. […]..
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Blogging and Responsive Web Design: Make the Connection

POSTED BY   /  9 September, 2014  

Although it started as a form of online journaling, blogging has become an incredibly effective medium for businesses to communicate with prospective clients and build their base of loyal customers. Much of the conversation surrounding how to optimize a company blog has centered on the form and content of blog posts, however. While this aspect […]..
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