10 Rockstar Content Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Businesses

November 5, 2013 by: 0

As the Internet becomes more crowded and noisy and confusing to the average customer, content marketing is absolutely the way to reach him or her. If you’re in real estate, how do you develop an edge in your content marketing?

We’re glad you asked! To answer your needs, here are ten rockstar content marketing methods to use if you’re in real estate.

1. Keep it simple

Real estate is a complex field to many people. When you talk about real estate issues and topics, make sure you explain them in everyday language and common terms. That will increase the chances that people will read it and share it.

2. Use bullets and subheads

These stylistic tools break up content into consumable pieces, so you don’t lose the reader.

3. Get visual

Photo-based social networks are very popular right now, and real estate can benefit from that. Instead of simply taking pictures of houses and properties, though, take pictures of the things customers love.

Maybe it’s a golden retriever puppy sleeping on his little bed, inside a client’s new house they closed on two weeks ago. That’s the type of thing that will get shared a lot more than a photo of the house!

4. Get social

More than a billion people are using social media now, and you’ve got to have a presence there — and advertise your content there — in order to get easily shared.

5. Use ads

Use your offline and online advertising to get the word out about your content.

6. Build an email database

Don’t depend entirely on social networks to reach people. Instead, use your content to build email addresses.

7. Have fun

People love to read and see fun things. So have some fun with your content!

8. Use video

YouTube videos are a great and easy way to make simple content that answers complex or general questions.

9. Show your digits

People read content on smartphones now, quite often, and that generates lots of phone calls. If you want to get in on that, make sure you include your phone number prominently in your content or on your website.

10. Talk about others

Talk about other businesses and services that consumers love. For instance, you might know of a high-quality roofing contractor in the area, one that customers give high ratings to on review sites and also offline via word of mouth.

Write a blog post about the company, and interview the managers there, if possible. They’ll share your content, and you’ll inform your consumers of a great roofing services business that has a relationship with yours!

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