3 Tips for Writing Blogs About Sensitive Topics

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In today’s world, almost anything could be considered controversial in the right context. But as a blogger or writer, it’s doing both yourself and your readers a disservice to avoid talking about sensitive topics just because you’re scared of offending someone. While most people don’t seek to offend others, writing about topics that are close to people’s hearts—like alcohol use and addiction or gender issues—opens you up to sharing thoughts and opinions that not everyone will agree on. So to minimize the amount of people you may upset while still creating your own content, here are three tips you may want to consider when writing blogs about sensitive topics.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Opinion

Writing about a heated subject might inherently make you feel like you want to keep your own opinions out of it. However, a contributor to The Daily Post shares that opinions and the personality of the writer are what make blogs so compelling. Without including your opinion in your blog, you might as well be writing a news article. For this reason, opinions are vital to having successful blog posts. But while this is true, it’s still important to know how to go about including your opinion in your blogs.

Put Thought Into Word Choice

When writing about sensitive topics, word choice becomes extra important. As a writer, you know that there are often a number of ways to say something, all of which will have a little different connotation. Especially when people or a group of people could easily take offense to your blog, Jonas Redemann, a contributor to Journalism.co.uk, reminds writers and bloggers that the right language must be used to accurately convey both your thoughts and feelings as well as any facts you may be presenting. Consider having a few people with differing opinions proofread your content before posting to ensure you’ve been as fair and honest as possible.

Allow Others To Have Their Own Opinions

Just like you feel you can and should be able to express your opinion about sensitive issues, it’s important that you allow others that same privilege. This means that you should welcome other’s views regarding both the topic of your blog and your blog itself. Especially if you’re looking to start a conversation by posting about something controversial, Teresa Te, a contributor to xfep.com, suggests for bloggers to encourage readers to share their opinion with you in the form of anecdotes, testimonials, tips and other useful information. By giving people an arena to safely and respectfully share their own views surrounding topics you introduce, you may find that you have even more success when blogging about sensitive topics.

If you frequently blog about sensitive topics and want to feel more confident in the content you’re sharing with your following and the rest of the world, use the tips mentioned above to express your thoughts and ideas respectfully and without malice in any and all blogs you produce.

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    7 Comments on "3 Tips for Writing Blogs About Sensitive Topics"

  1. Varun Kumar says:

    For sensitive types topics first research about it and get complete information, and then start writing about your experience. This is the best way to write.

  2. Writing Sensitive blog takes research about topic you’re writing for sometime people take it seriously so giving our personal opinion could be good way to deliver sensitive blog to readers.

  3. charleshenry says:

    Nice post… Thanks for sharing this. It helped me a lot.

  4. Patrick says:

    Thanks and correct them and will focus on this topic more which helps me lot.Once again thanks Jennifer 🙂

  5. Really enjoyed reading ,
    All of your 3 steps are great while writing blog for sensitive topics
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Barondassy says:

    Ah! Amazing topic. We bloggers have to face this situations in many sectors of writing. And seriously saying, sometimes I get confused what to do. And You mentioned the perfect solution. I am going to follow your advice. Thanks.

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