5 Ways To Blog About Your Job Hunt

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Sometimes it’s not possible or feasible to be a professional blogger who is instantly able to make a career out of said blog. It’s tough to make money just writing from a personal standpoint, so often another job of some sort is going to be in the mix.

So why not blog about the job hunt! It’s a good way to combine your passion and your profession, and the following five tips will help you organize your thoughts in writing – point to career pages when possible, personalize your story to connect with readers, use your writing and your video skills, don’t be afraid of the always-possible negative feedback, and use your blog as a portfolio.

Point To Career Pages    

As you’re on your job hunt, point to career pages of the types of jobs you’re trying to get. In other words, if you’re looking for a career in plumbing, showcase web pages inside of company websites that show qualifications, details about what the job is or does, and other information like that. You’re not the only one on the hunt, and sharing both your struggles and you successes will get people interested in your story.

Personalize Your Story         

Remember, you aren’t blogging about just anyone going on a job hunt. You are blogging about your own personal story. Even though you might feel pressured into putting out just general information, people are going to connect more with the personalized sense of the journey than any just basic or shallow knowledge that you present. This is an emotional process, not just a factual one.

Use Video and Text          

If you’re going to blog about your job hunt, you might as well start a YouTube channel as well. These is a great way to get metrics of people who are following you, and also get you to brush up on some specific presentation skills that could potentially be very valuable in the profession you have the most success in.

Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is a part of blogging. Don’t be scared of it to the point where you censor yourself. There are techniques for dealing with negative feedback that you can read about as you go through your blogging process during your job hunt, so that it won’t affect your creative process or bruise your ego too badly.

Use Your Blog as a Portfolio                

As you’re job hunting, and as you continue blogging, vlogging, and recording your experience, know that you can potentially use your blog as a portfolio piece. Especially if you’re trying to get into a creative industry, having a backlog of your efforts can be a great conversation starter about your professionalism.


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