Best Blogging Practices: From Home Or Away?

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With mobile technology and mobile resources the way they are, it’s easier than ever to write and submit blog posts from wherever you are, so what are some of the indications that you would be more successful doing your blog from a home or home office or perhaps on the go?

To answer this question, go over some of the basics in a little meditation based on information from the following categories – benefits of the home office, benefits of writing and submitting on the go, the purpose of blogging from an event, making sure you understand mobile data usage limitations, and being flexible for the sake of your readers.

From a Home Office           

If you’re thinking about renting office space for your blog home base, that’s not necessarily a bad idea for a number of reasons. You and potential co-employees can share resources, for instance. Also, your environment there might be set up so that everyone can focus and avoid the distractions that can be common in other types of environments. It’s also a good place for face time with other people you work with, or potentially even your management, depending on the type of company that you may be blogging for.

Writing On the Go           

Other bloggers will choose to generally write on the go. This means they can work on public transportation trips, from hotels, at coffee houses, restaurants, or other places. You can work from applications on your phone or your tablet, and even do deeper editing work if you bring your laptop. Many bloggers find inspiration from writing in different places as well, and have specific ways of getting inspired to write creatively in either new environments or ones that they are familiar with on the road.

Blogging From an Event       

There are also benefits that come with blogging directly from an event. Your readers will appreciate the sense of immediacy, for one thing. Especially if you’re a social media hound, blogging using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram definitely make people feel connected, so live-type information submissions are very popular among a certain crowd.

Know Your Data Limitations

Depending on your devices and your monthly plan, it’s important to understand rules about data usage with your phone bill. Knowing the difference between LTE and Wi-Fi connections can save you money, whereas just blogging from anywhere anyway regardless of understanding data flow can quickly add up financially.

Be Flexible for Your Readers    

No matter what your own personal preference when it comes to blogging, be flexible in order to give your readers, your employers, or your clients the best bang for their buck. They are the ultimate deciding factors, so don’t let your own ego or preferences get in your way of success.

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