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3 Tips for Writing Blogs About Sensitive Topics

POSTED BY   /  27 April, 2016  

In today’s world, almost anything could be considered controversial in the right context. But as a blogger or writer, it’s doing both yourself and your readers a disservice to avoid talking about sensitive topics just because you’re scared of offending someone. While most people don’t seek to offend others, writing about topics that are close […]..
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5 Components of a Good Blog Post

POSTED BY   /  26 April, 2016  

When it comes to writing and publishing a good blog post, there are a number of creative freedoms that you have, but there are also a good set of ground rules to follow. And sometimes you need to know those general rules before you break them as well, so that at least you understand that […]..
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Don’t Be Afraid To Add A Little Creativity To Your Business Blog

POSTED BY   /  10 April, 2016  

While it makes sense that you want your business blog to sound professional, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a little creativity to it as well. You want people to want to keep coming back and reading, so you need to make sure that you are doing things that make them want to come back. […]..
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Top 5 Project Management Myths BUSTED

POSTED BY   /  18 February, 2016  

Infographic brought to you by Wrike Project Management Software..
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Restaurants in Atlanta to Feature in Your Food Blog

POSTED BY   /  6 February, 2016  

Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, you’ll need to eat. Atlanta is a great city to explore, and it is home to a broad range of culinary hot spots, from fine dining to bar cuisine to quick eats. You may not have time to dine at all of the fabulous places Atlanta has […]..
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Starting a Blog is Easy!

POSTED BY   /  29 December, 2015  

Starting a blog can actually be very easy. It all depends on the site that you choose to use, but each is going to give you different options and accessories, and each is going to provide a different layout. It’s up to you and your preference as to if you select a site that gives […]..
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Everything You Need to Successfully Manage a Virtual Team

POSTED BY   /  11 December, 2015  

Wrike Project Management Software..
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5 Tips for Investigative Blogging

POSTED BY   /  2 December, 2015  

Blogging and journalism are definitely not the same, but they are cut from similar cloth, and there are tips, techniques, and tricks that can be shared between them, especially for sets of writing that can be considered ‘investigative’. So, let’s consider for a minute some of the categorical tips that you can follow in order […]..
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5 Tips for Adding Important Details To Blog Posts

POSTED BY   /  23 November, 2015  

Most blog posts are not going to be read by that many people. It’s just the nature of information flow these days. So, as a blogger, how do you get the odds in your favor? There are a million ways to answer that question, but consider the idea of detail for the present. If people […]..
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Where To Start When Blogging About Business

POSTED BY   /  11 November, 2015  

Business blogging can be very rewarding as well as lucrative in terms of your writing process and career, so it’s not a surprise that it’s such a popular place for many people to start. However, there’s a bit of a conundrum right off the bat. People thoroughly involved in business often don’t have time to […]..
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